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inform on someone

to tell the authorities about someone; to tattle on someone. I am going to have to inform on you. Liz informed on Ken to their mother.
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inform someone about someone or something

to tell someone about someone or something. How is my friend Tom getting on? I asked you to inform me about him from time to time. Please inform me about the state of the contract for the book.
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inform someone of something

to tell someone a fact. Please inform Sally of my decision. Sally has been informed of your decision.
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inform someone on someone

to tattle (on someone) (to someone). I will inform the teacher on you! Billy informed his mother on Bobby.
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inform on

or inform against
To disclose confidential or incriminating evidence about someone to an authority: The FBI agent informed on the drug dealers. You can't force me to inform against my own family.
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The Committee was also informed that revision of FTA with Indonesia is also in progress.
It was concluded that the dental practitioners of Lahore have a good awareness about questions concerning patients' informed consent but a considerable number of participants was not using written consent as a routine procedure.
My Representative sends me updates regularly on his views on many issues keeping me well informed and welcomes a response.
The Panel found that IRBs, even though overworked, spend too much time revising wording of Informed Consent forms without understanding the full context of Informed Consent processes for the types of populations typically studied by SBES research (e.
Results of the survey indicate college students are also poorly informed about labor unions and depend on the media to provide them information on unions.
They do not understand what a relatively small number of patriots have already accomplished by being informed, involved, committed, focused--and organized
Journalists and media academics want to believe that the right information will guarantee active, engaged, informed citizens who can participate wisely in self-government.
The Code of Ethics (ACA, 1995) requires that counselors inform clients that they have a right to expect confidentiality and that there are limitations, but it is not required that clients be informed in writing.
Your random assignment to a particular treatment group usually will occur after the researcher decides that you can be in the study, and after you agree to join the research by signing an informed consent form.
To me, this is a consumer issue, one of being able to make an informed purchasing decision.
State VR agencies, in consultation with their State Rehabilitation Councils, are required to develop and implement policies and procedures to afford opportunities for applicants for services and eligible individuals to exercise informed choice throughout the rehabilitation process.
Two new studies raise troubling questions about the way researchers and physicians gather informed consent for experimental and routine medical procedures.
If the idea of an informed citizenry is necessary for the conduct of public policy, three questions emerge.