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nugget of information

A particular or singular thing that someone has written or said which is especially informative, interesting, useful, etc. Can also be used sarcastically to imply that what is said is banal, useless, or uninformative. Amidst the rather rambling speech delivered by the prime minister, there was one little nugget of information that voters would do well to keep in mind. This book is a fascinating read, and it's filled with nuggets of information about the war. Thanks for that nugget of information, Jeff. I'm sure sunbathing tips will really come in handy in Iceland!
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worm information

To get someone (sometimes with a touch of trickery) to reveal details that likely would not have been volunteered. Usually followed by "out of," as in "worm information out of." Bill was keeping quiet about his break-up, but I knew I could worm information out of him if I tried hard enough. Kira worms information about upcoming tests out of her teachers by complimenting them and straightening up their classrooms.
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mine of information

Someone or something that contains a lot of knowledge about a particular topic. You should ask Amanda for advice about your cake recipe—she's a mine of information about baking.
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too much information

What was said is the type of information that should be kept private. A: "Your father and I used to do a lot of necking there." B: "Geez, Mom, too much information!" Then he se started telling me about his toenail fungus. Talk about too much information!
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for your information

a phrase that introduces or follows a piece of information. (Can be spoken with considerable impatience.) Mary: What is this one? Sue: For your information, it is exactly the same as the one you just asked about. Bob: How long do I have to wait here? Bill: For your information, we will be here until the bus driver feels that it is safe to travel.
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(a) gold mine of information

Fig. someone or something that is full of information. Grandfather is a gold mine of information about World War I. The new encyclopedia is a positive gold mine of useful information.
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Heads up!

Raise your head and look around you carefully for information or something that you need to see or avoid. Heads up! Watch out for that door! Heads up! There is a car coming.
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inside information

information known only by those most involved with the issue; secret information relating to an organization. I have some inside information about the Smith Company.
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mine of information

Fig. someone or something that is full of information. Grandfather is a mine of information about World War II. The new search engine is a positive mine of useful information.
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see under gold mine.

for your inforˈmation

1 (abbr. FYI) written on documents that are sent to somebody who needs to know the information in them but does not need to deal with them
2 (informal) used to tell somebody that they are wrong about something: For your information, I don’t even have a car.
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a mine of inforˈmation (about/on somebody/something)

a person, book, etc. that can give you a lot of information on a particular subject: My grandmother was a mine of information on the family’s history.People criticize television, but for children it’s a mine of information.
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Heads up!

exclam. Look out! Heads up! Watch out for the swinging bucket!
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Information, please

During the Dark Ages before computerized directory assistance, callers who didn't know a phone number dialed the operator and asked to be connected to “information.” The information operator would then supply the number, and at no charge. “Information” with “please” added in a more polite era, was adopted as the title of a very popular radio quiz show in which a panel of experts tried to answer questions submitted by listeners. The phrase then became widely used as a preamble to any sort of question. The radio program was satirized by another quiz show whose title “It Pays to Be Ignorant” also became a brief fad in everyday speech.
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For locating the shaft, several alternative locators may be used and their informational symbols (Bragaru, 1998) are shown in fig.
Now consider an informational level of abstraction.
Ads may perform better when they are placed next to a dissimilar ad, informational ads being placed next to transformational ads and visa versa.
For example, only 10 percent of respondents dismissed the informational value of the financial section and just eight percent said they felt the same way about the MD&A.
Informational disseminators can publish books, articles or stories, but this does not necessarily qualify them as experts to guide millions.
4, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- Domina Law Group attorneys Dave Domina and Brian Jorde have been holding informational meetings throughout Nebraska for farmers and others concerned about Syngenta and water issues.
Bennington County Regional Commission (BCRC), in cooperation with the Shires of Vermont Byway Committee is contracting services to create informational kiosks in the form of a system of twenty modular interpretive and informational kiosks ( Info Kiosk for short) and two interpretive panels placed along the byway route.
Within the framework of the Business-Inform Informational Project, the agency specialists weekly release and distribute press-releases with general news from the agency and its partners - the participants of Business-Inform exhibitions and conferences.
Cummins, a literacy consultant and facilitator, and former teacher, literacy coach, and education professor, outlines a roadmap for the instruction and assessment of close reading skills for informational texts by students in grades three through eight.
The interactions are the one who generate informational relations that signify favourable or unfavourable communication for the completion of the set objectives.
EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE -- An observation deck and informational signs have been added to benefit visitors at one of Edwards Air Force Base's most unlikely spots -- a man-made wetlands on the edge of a dry lake bed inhabited by migratory waterfowl and other wildlife.
Most ISPs provide new users with free installation software, a step-by-step guide to using the Internet, an e-mail address, as well as a small amount of space on their server (usually 3MB to 5MB) to set up a basic informational site.
An informational meeting is scheduled for Thursday, January 15, 1998.
After donating her own books, Yaneisha made and handed out hundreds of informational flyers to launch her collection drive, and encouraged friends, parents and teachers to tell others about her campaign.
com)-- Business-Inform Informational Agency was there for the second time already, this time with its own booth in the main expo pavilion.
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