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inform on someone

to tell the authorities about someone; to tattle on someone. I am going to have to inform on you. Liz informed on Ken to their mother.
See also: inform, on

inform someone about someone or something

to tell someone about someone or something. How is my friend Tom getting on? I asked you to inform me about him from time to time. Please inform me about the state of the contract for the book.
See also: inform

inform someone of something

to tell someone a fact. Please inform Sally of my decision. Sally has been informed of your decision.
See also: inform, of

inform someone on someone

to tattle (on someone) (to someone). I will inform the teacher on you! Billy informed his mother on Bobby.
See also: inform, on

inform on

or inform against
To disclose confidential or incriminating evidence about someone to an authority: The FBI agent informed on the drug dealers. You can't force me to inform against my own family.
See also: inform, on
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For more information on the latest content technology offerings from Inform, visit http://bitly.
The ASCA standards require that in such situations, counselors inform the student of actions that might be taken to minimize the student's confusion and to clarify expectations.
The reason that Hansen ignores this evidence lies in the a-historical and dualistic mode of inquiry that informs her study.
Automating the flow of information to each user is the primary goal of the Inform Public Safety Suite.
Such passages indicate Defoe's interest in penal reform at the same time the historical reality of transportation informs Defoe's novel on both a formal and thematic level.
Pearson Inform, the achievement data analysis and decision support tool rounds out a solution set designed to provide administrators, teachers, students, and parents with comprehensive software options that are easy-to-use and can be customized to meet a wide range of end-user needs.
We are pleased to have converted this study to EDC and are beginning to derive the benefits of InForm, such as greater data visibility earlier in the trial and more accurate data resulting from the edit checks that begin at the data entry stage," said Jane O'Brien, CCRP, pediatric ALL program manager.
Since implementing Inform we've seen a consistent 20-25% increase in two important metrics: number of page views per visit, and the length of time reader stay at our site," said August Fields, general manager and vice president of the New York Sun.
By working with companies like Inform, we will make our content easier to find and read, which keeps readers engaged longer, drives more traffic and ultimately helps us make more money.
Phase Forward (NASDAQ: PFWD), a leading provider of data management solutions for clinical trials and drug safety, today announced the new InForm(TM) Adapter module, providing customers with enhanced integration capabilities for the InForm Integrated Trial Management (ITM) electronic data capture (EDC) solution.
A small, diverse district in Upstate New York's Hudson Valley, Catskill Central School District announced today that it has selected Pearson Inform and Pearson AllOneSystem(TM) to transform the way it manages data.
He also argues that the news informs people of what journalists deem important, legitimates the dominant social system, possibly shapes opinions, and (rarely) has effects on individual actions.
Whether an organization is in its initial stages of using analytics to improve business processes, or is at a more advanced level, the INFORMS Analytics Maturity Model approach helps assess strengths and weaknesses in three important areas of analytics: the organization itself, its analytics capabilities and its data and infrastructure.
a premier provider of transportation, logistics and intermodal services, today announced it has been named the winner of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences' (INFORMS([R])) annual INFORMS Prize.