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area of influence

A realm, domain, or field over which a person, group, or business has direct control, influence, or clout. It refers to a military term for the geographical area in which a commander has direct military influence. As a literature professor, my primary obligation is to my classes; as head of this department, though, my area of influence extends to all students studying English.
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backstairs influence

Influence from an ignoble source, typically one that is secret. Where did that idea come from? It's like someone has backstairs influence over you all of sudden!
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*a hold on someone a strong

 and secure influence on someone
(*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone~.) The strange religion seemed to have a strong hold on its followers. The drug has a hold on the minds of those who use it.
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under the influence (of alcohol)

Euph. drunk; nearly drunk; affected by alcohol. She behaves quite rudely when under the influence of alcohol. Ed was stopped by a police officer for driving while under the influence.
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under the influence

Impaired functioning owing to alcohol consumption, as in He was accused of driving under the influence. This expression, from legal jargon, is short for under the influence of intoxicating liquor and implies that one is not completely drunk. Since it is nearly always applied to drivers suspected or so accused, it has given rise to the police acronym DUI, for "driving under the influence." [Second half of 1800s]
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under the influence

affected by alcoholic drink, especially beyond the legal limits for driving a vehicle; drunk. informal
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under the ˈinfluence

(used of somebody driving a car) having had too much alcohol to drink: She was fined £500 for driving under the influence.
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under the influence

Intoxicated, especially with alcohol.
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