inflate with

inflate (something) with (something)

1. To put a particular gas, usually air, into something. You need to inflate this tire with a little more air.
2. To use a particular device or tool to put air into something. Do you think we can inflate this air mattress with a hair dryer?
3. By extension, to add to a monetary amount so that it seems larger than it really is. Sal's definitely inflating his amount for reimbursement with some extra-high figures—I know last night's dinner didn't cost that much.
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inflate something with something

1. Lit. to fill up something with air or some other gas. Jerry has to inflate all the balloons with helium. Ken inflated the balloons with gas.
2. Fig. to make a sum appear larger by including additional irrelevant amounts. I think that she has inflated her expense report with too many miles of travel. Don't inflate your expense report with extra costs.
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