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inflate something with something

1. Lit. to fill up something with air or some other gas. Jerry has to inflate all the balloons with helium. Ken inflated the balloons with gas.
2. Fig. to make a sum appear larger by including additional irrelevant amounts. I think that she has inflated her expense report with too many miles of travel. Don't inflate your expense report with extra costs.
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Campbell told the jury she helped inflate DWP bills regularly after Monique Moret joined the firm as a vice president in September 2002.
The airbag ECU, positioned to the right of the module , analyzes signals from the crash sensors to determine whether or not to inflate the airbag.
However, if the October Research survey is correct--that over half of the appraisers surveyed have been pressured to inflate values by 10 percent--then we should assume that appraisal inflation has the potential to wreck havoc on the bottom lines of homeowners as well as lenders, should housing prices stabilize or decline.
Foremost among the changes is so-called air bag depowering, which means installing air bags that inflate more slowly and to a lesser volume than the original designs.
These include a switch that will allow mechanics to disable airbags; "smart airbags" with sensors to detect the position of the front passenger and shut off the airbag if someone is sitting too close; and airbags that inflate more slowly, but still save lives.
The DWP account was dramatically inflated on a couple of occasions, including December 2002, Moret said, when she said Stodder called her office and said Dowie had instructed him to "write-up," or inflate, the $3 million-a-year DWP account.
If the rim appears undamaged and the tire still has more than 80% of its TM recommended inflation pressure, you can inflate the tire while it's still on the vehicle.