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inflate (something) with (something)

1. To put a particular gas, usually air, into something. You need to inflate this tire with a little more air.
2. To use a particular device or tool to put air into something. Do you think we can inflate this air mattress with a hair dryer?
3. By extension, to add to a monetary amount so that it seems larger than it really is. Sal's definitely inflating his amount for reimbursement with some extra-high figures—I know last night's dinner didn't cost that much.
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inflate a cow

To boast or brag. Please, like that geek has killed a puma with his bare hands? He's inflating a cow, for sure.
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inflate something with something

1. Lit. to fill up something with air or some other gas. Jerry has to inflate all the balloons with helium. Ken inflated the balloons with gas.
2. Fig. to make a sum appear larger by including additional irrelevant amounts. I think that she has inflated her expense report with too many miles of travel. Don't inflate your expense report with extra costs.
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To simplify the nomenclature and show how they work, the different structures used within the valve to block the exit port and inflate the lungs may be reduced to three broad categories that involve either a flap, a sliding spindle or a hollow structure (Table 1).
If you still have the old bias tires and they're still good, inflate them cold to 65 PSI and continue to use them.
* Inflate a tire without inspecting the complete tire and rim assembly for unsafe conditions.
While descending, I had time to inspect my canopy, inflate my low-profile floatation collar (LPFC), adjust my visor and prepare for a water landing.
Whether or not it makes environmental sense to inflate car tires with nitrogen instead of air is a matter of much debate.
The engineers also showed a compact head protection module for convertibles that sits atop the seat, and a seat pan airbag that inflates to raise the leading edge of the lower seat cushion to prevent occupants from sliding under their seatbelts.--CAS
"I work with the concept of fully inflating the rib cage, so I inflate the back of the rib cage equally, which balances out the forward thrust of the front ribs without feeling like I'm in a straight jacket.
When a severe frontal collision occurs, the four crash sensors mounted on the front fork measure the change in acceleration caused by the impact and convey this data to the airbag ECU, which determines that a collision is occurring and whether or not it is necessary to inflate the airbag.
Researchers some 50 years ago noticed specialized anemone tentacles that inflate but aren't used for snagging food.
The compressed air used in paintball markers and other air guns is the same gas used to inflate life jackets and lifeboats.
The C[O.SUB.2] bottle will fully inflate the raft only if it is fully charged.
At each level of concurvity, there were some estimators for which the alternative estimator did not inflate the type I error rate; for several of the models the type I error was not inflated at any level of concurvity.
The shield--called Armorflate--can inflate in 40 seconds, claims the manufacturer, Zodiac of North America, in Stevenville, Md.
To inflate inventory, management stacks empty boxes in the warehouse.
These include a switch that will allow mechanics to disable airbags; "smart airbags" with sensors to detect the position of the front passenger and shut off the airbag if someone is sitting too close; and airbags that inflate more slowly, but still save lives.