infiltrate into

infiltrate into something

1. to permeate something; to filter into something. Thesoursmell infiltrated into everything in the refrigerator. The paint smell infiltrated into every room in the house.
2. and infiltrate something to penetrate a group, secretly, for the purposes of spying or influencing the activities of the group. The spy infiltrated into the enemy headquarters. They infiltrated into the government.
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An army unit foiled an attempt by Jabhat al-Nusra linked terrorist group to infiltrate into a post near al-Shalah checkpoint in al-Zabadani Area in Damascus Countryside, killing and injuring all its members.
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian army thwarted repeated attempts by anti-government groups to infiltrate into its strongholds in Dar countryside, killing and wounding many rebels in the battlefields.
Amman, March 23 (Petra) -- Border guards arrested 11 Jordanian nationals when they tried to infiltrate into Syria, a source at the Jordan Armed Forces General Command said on Sunday.
GAZA, Feb 13 (KUNA) -- An Israeli army patrol arrested three Palestinians from the Gaza Strip for trying to infiltrate into Israel, a spokesman for Israeli military announced on Wednesday.
Commenting on the recent bid by militants to infiltrate into Jammu and Kashmir, Kapoor said, "when they tried to infiltrate, we detected them.
Security officials say Pakistan-based militant groups have stepped up efforts to infiltrate into the region across the Line of Control before winter snow blocks the Himalayan mountain passes.
Summary: Egyptian policemen shot dead four African migrants as they tried to infiltrate into Israel on Wednesday, security sources said.
Stormwater: Typical development creates impervious surfaces that do not allow rainwater to infiltrate into the ground and collects.
On Friday, the Syrian army repelled the repeated attempts made by anti-government groups to infiltrate into its strongholds in Dar countryside, killing and wounding many rebels in the battlefield.
ANKARA, Jan 4 (KUNA) -- Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu on Friday dismissed reports that Turkish pilots were arrested while attempting to infiltrate into Syria.
2 (ANI): About 50 to 60 Pakistani militants have positioned themselves to infiltrate into India, and the Indian defence forces are fully prepared to foil any such attempt, a top military brass has revealed.
The source pointed that an army unit foiled militants' attempts to attack the people in al-Ashrafieh in Talbisseh countryside while another unit clashed with militants while trying to infiltrate into al-Hosn and al-Zara villages towards Kafr Rish leaving many of them killed and wounded.
The three Palestinians were able to infiltrate into Israel through penetrating the security fence in east of Al-Buraij Palestinian refugees camp in central Gaza, before they were arrested by an Israeli force, Palestinian sources told KUNA.
The source said that army units clashed with militant groups which tried to infiltrate into al-Barghouthiyeh, Arshiuneh, Sillam al-Gharbi and Sillam al-Sharqi inal-Mkharam area, killing a number of their members, while another army unit destroyed militant hideouts in al-Rastan city and near al-Dwair village roundabout with all the weapons and ammunition inside them.
weeks ago while trying to infiltrate into Israel through Egyptian borders,