infiltrate into

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infiltrate into something

1. to permeate something; to filter into something. Thesoursmell infiltrated into everything in the refrigerator. The paint smell infiltrated into every room in the house.
2. and infiltrate something to penetrate a group, secretly, for the purposes of spying or influencing the activities of the group. The spy infiltrated into the enemy headquarters. They infiltrated into the government.
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Unfortunately, in the early stages MK can look very similar to a sterile infiltrate.
6) The immunophenotypic profile of the perivascular lymphocytic infiltrate was similar to the one previously described, and no EBV proteins (LMP1) or EBER transcripts were present.
Data demonstrates that it takes a few hours before the binder can completely infiltrate a 0.
Syrian Armed Forces foiled attempts by armed groups to infiltrate a military post in Khirbet Qazaleh in the countryside of Dar, killing and injuring the groups' members, SANA reported.
The source vowed to use force against anyone attempting to infiltrate or cross over from or into the Jordanian border by illegal means.
Annually, thousands of illegal immigrants infiltrate via Turkey towards Greece and other European countries.
Amid reports of Hizbul Mujahideen chief Syed Salahuddin visiting training camps in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK) along the Line of Control (LoC), General Singh said anyone, who tries to infiltrate would not be spared.
The high command of Palestinian political factions in southern Lebanon has informed Lebanese security agencies of its determination not to allow foreign militants to infiltrate Palestinian camps, the Beirut daily AL BALAD on Friday.
The causative agent is Lacazia loboi (2), a fungus of uncertain phylogeny, which causes an inflammatory infiltrate accompanied by the formation of a granuloma in which giant cells phagocytose a larger number of fungi (3,4).
New findings suggest that alcohol encourages blood vessels to infiltrate and nourish nascent tumors.
It is characterized by an infiltrate of lymphocytes, plasma cells, and large granular or foamy histiocytes associated with laminated bodies--the so-called Michaelis-Gutmann (MG) bodies.
ISRAELI forces yesterday shot and killed four Palestinians who were trying to infiltrate a Jewish settlement in the southern Gaza Strip.
He also claims that in 1995 he recruited a Chechen agent to infiltrate a violent separatist group connected to bin Laden, but that his superiors canceled the operation.
The ceramic coating resists hydrochloric acid, a byproduct of resin decomposition, which can infiltrate micro-cracks in chrome plating--even in double- and triple-plated screws--and damage the underlying steel substrate.
Over the past century, police have at various times been allowed to infiltrate and gather intelligence on a series of groups perceived as special threats, from anarchists to Bolsheviks to black nationalists to Old and New Left radicals, only to have such police activities later condemned and "regretted.