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infiltrate into something

1. to permeate something; to filter into something. Thesoursmell infiltrated into everything in the refrigerator. The paint smell infiltrated into every room in the house.
2. and infiltrate something to penetrate a group, secretly, for the purposes of spying or influencing the activities of the group. The spy infiltrated into the enemy headquarters. They infiltrated into the government.
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Infiltrate education should encompass IV insertion, catheter securement, site assessment, risk factors, consequences, cost implications, and legal considerations (Doellman et al.
In indeterminate leprosy, all the three (100%) cases showed mild nonspecific perivascular and periadnexal infiltrate and lymphocyte predominant infiltrate with presence of histiocytes, while one of the three (33.
In this case, there was a prominent reactive inflammatory infiltrate along with inflammation-related changes in the surrounding soft tissue (ie, edema) that likely contributed to the masslike appearance clinically.
Epithelial thickness and chronic inflammatory infiltrate were measures at 5 different representative regions in each section.
There is continuing controversy regarding the kind of inflammatory infiltrate present in periapical cysts.
1) Though the skin infiltrate show less than 5% blast and reported in chronic phase of the disease, presence of leukemia cutis strongly suggests that blast crisis is imminent.
In most cases, the infiltrate is caused by an immune response to toxins released by the bacterium Staphylococcus aureus.
They murdered Israeli-Arab Said Fachachte who was working on the border fence, but failed to infiltrate Israel.
Despite the high export expenses, the wineries want to infiltrate the Russian market as soon as possible because when this country becomes part of the World Trade Organization, the competitiveness will be even greater.
It accuses militants based in Gaza of using the long border between Egypt and Israel to infiltrate and carry out attacks, including one last August in which gunmen launched coordinated ambushes on vehicles in Sinai, killing eight Israelis.
A CIA guide of how to infiltrate a country Looking to infiltrate a country?
His lawyer claims Iranian intelligence blocked his client from infiltrating and, under the Iranian law, intention to infiltrate is not a crime.
The five were convicted in 2001 of being part of a spy ring called the "Wasp Network" that sought to infiltrate and report back to Cuba on south Florida U.
Two persons were trying to infiltrate crossing international border.
And a Strathclyde Police chief has revealed that 27 of Scotland's top organised crime gangs are actively trying to infiltrate the force by grooming and planting recruits in the ranks.