infested with

*infested with something

to be contaminated with a swarm or throng of some pest. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) All the campers are infested with lice. The dog is infested with ticks.
References in classic literature ?
Our way lay across high mountains infested with frightful serpents, but we had the good luck to escape them and came at last to the seashore.
All this coast is much infested with ravenous beasts, monkeys, and serpents, of which last here are some seven feet in length, and thicker than an ordinary man; in the head of this serpent is found a stone about the bigness of an egg, resembling bezoar, and of great efficacy, as it is said, against all kinds of poison.
A beard and mustache covered the lower part of his face, and a tangle of hair, infested with lice, curled round his head like a cap.
But dirt clung to him, and he was infested with fleas.
They hastened onward, therefore, and were compelled to ford several rivers, not without danger, for they were infested with huge alligators from fifteen to eighteen feet long.
Yes, it is infested with rats," said Tabitha tearfully, "I caught seven young ones out of one hole in the back kitchen, and we had them for dinner last Saturday.
And yet, in every war, their region was infested with iron-hearted soldiers, both French and English, who fought one another for the privilege of ill-treating these poor, harmless Acadians.
The country, it is well known, has become infested with cats -- so much so of late, that a petition for relief, most numerously and respectably signed, was brought before the Legislature at its late memorable session.
Joe was not aware that the inhabitants of the islands of Lake Tchad, like many other negro tribes, plunge with impunity into sheets of water infested with crocodiles and caymans, and without troubling their heads about them.
Department of Agriculture said 41 maple trees were found to be infested with the beetles and are being removed as part of the ongoing program to eradicate the insects.
Without a containment program, all of Western Australia would be considered infested with EHB and all exports of EHB carriage material - including structural timber, furniture, pallets, crates, boxes and dunnage - would be subject to export restrictions, the Minister said.
During the clinical examination, no adult head lice or adult body lice were found on that person, confirming that the patient had been heavily infested with body lice in the past, not head lice.
This map indicates interpolated mistletoe severity, if a host tree is infested with mistletoe.
THREE people appeared in court accused of conning money out of elderly Birmingham residents by falsely claiming their properties were infested with rats.
Fifteen of 25 nests at Hocking Hills were infested with Protocalliphora avium.