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*infested with something

to be contaminated with a swarm or throng of some pest. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) All the campers are infested with lice. The dog is infested with ticks.
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are not a strict generalist in the sense that they do not equally infest all available host types in proportion to host abundance.
He said seeking alternative solutions is delaying the inevitable, and could potentially allow the beetle to infest other areas.
They found mice and cockroaches had been allowed to infest the area where food was prepared and admitted their visit turned up "just the tip of the iceberg".
In New Orleans, the termites infest an estimated 20 to 25 percent of the city's trees; annual control estimates exceed $100 million.
The question is, can hedgehog fleas infest and breed on humans?
As Formosan termites infest a structure, they build carton nests within walls, which can bulge and buckle from the thousands of termites and moisture in them.
You don't have to infest the neighborhood or pollute the local stream with pesticides to deal with unwanted critters.
drywood termites commonly infest homes in California, Florida, Arizona, Hawaii and coastal regions.
Although a native termite colony might occasionally infest a tree, it's almost invariably a dead one, Messenger says.
To combat leishmaniasis in people, Ribeiro anticipates vaccines tailored to the diverse types of sand flies that infest different regions.