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infer something from something

to reach a conclusion from something; to deduce facts from something, such as someone's words, a situation, etc. What can we infer from the experience we have just had? You should not infer anything from Sue's remarks.
References in classic literature ?
We can thus, as I infer from Professor Owen's interesting description of these parts, understand the strange fact that every particle of food and drink which we swallow has to pass over the orifice of the trachea, with some risk of falling into the lungs, notwithstanding the beautiful contrivance by which the glottis is closed.
The sutures in the skulls of young mammals have been advanced as a beautiful adaptation for aiding parturition, and no doubt they facilitate, or may be indispensable for this act; but as sutures occur in the skulls of young birds and reptiles, which have only to escape from a broken egg, we may infer that this structure has arisen from the laws of growth, and has been taken advantage of in the parturition of the higher animals.
Therefore we may infer that these several bones might have been acquired through natural selection, subjected formerly, as now, to the several laws of inheritance, reversion, correlation of growth, &c.
And if so, we must infer that all things are produced more plentifully and easily and of a better quality when one man does one thing which is natural to him and does it at the right time, and leaves other things.
One might, however, rightly infer therefrom that Zarathustra had not then slept long.
Here again, therefore, it seems fair to infer that--with ordinary caution, and presence of mind--any man, or men, might have ascended by the ladder, and might have descended again, unobserved.
In addition to examining the students' receptive vocabulary size (measured by PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test III)), the vocabulary inference test was developed in order to capture the students' ability to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words in context and the students' metacognitive abilities to describe their strategies for inferring meaning.
This makes it difficult to infer the function of genes that haven't yet been annotated.
Inadequate to infer the presence or absence of a causal relationship
CIRAS uses patented semantic metadata techniques to infer relationships across huge volumes of information that can come from a wide variety of sources including internal CRM applications, external watchlists, or web pages.