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infer from (something)

To come to or reach a conclusion from or regarding the information with which one is presented. A noun or pronoun can be used between "infer" and "from." We can infer the effect this policy has had from the data across all demographics in the country. I invite the public to infer from the televised debates as to who is truly better able to lead the country.
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infer something from something

to reach a conclusion from something; to deduce facts from something, such as someone's words, a situation, etc. What can we infer from the experience we have just had? You should not infer anything from Sue's remarks.
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The INFER Annual Conference is the main annual event of the International Network for Economic Research.
Next, the facts alleged in Barringer's first cause of action are insufficient for the court to infer that an express contract existed between Barringer and J&R.
While testing different regulatory relationships between genes within a module, differences in lags between genes are used to infer hierarchy in gene regulatory relationships assuming that a module gene with a longer lag could be regulated by a gene with a shorter lag (Figure 2).
We infer user privacy based on the interactions between users instead of just the user profiles because the former is likely to give rise to unintentional and involuntary personal information leakage.
(388) It does not matter that the accessory to the unlawful joint enterprise really hoped that the need to commit the conditional-target crime would not arise, because the jury can infer that the accessory knew what was conditionally intended and authorized it.
One cannot any longer infer from the apparatus (the detectors) which path of the photon took, precisely because one was also trying to determine in the two paths interfered.
In addition to examining the students' receptive vocabulary size (measured by PPVT (Peabody Picture Vocabulary Test III)), the vocabulary inference test was developed in order to capture the students' ability to infer the meaning of unfamiliar words in context and the students' metacognitive abilities to describe their strategies for inferring meaning.[l] The oral assessment in academic English was developed in order to capture whether or not the students had acquired the oral skills needed for content instruction.[2] This latter assessment attempts to capture the students' CALP (Cognitive Academic Language Proficiency, Cummins, 1979, 2000), and thus requires oral comprehension and production of more technical vocabulary and syntax.
Furthermore, comparisons of these sequences were useful to infer phylogenetic relationships among CA24v isolates.
This makes it difficult to infer the function of genes that haven't yet been annotated.
When such uncertainty is attained, it becomes necessary to account for the neutron beam refraction at the sample-ambient interfaces, to infer the correct [b.sub.c] from the observed phase.
While basically an invaluable compilation of economic data, the work has some sociological dimension in that the commentary and perspectives concern the effects of the economic findings--and regularly infer that average workers and their families are loosing out in the workings and results of the present-day American economy.
Then we can make statements that generalize or infer about the label or description, and continue these generalizations indefinitely.
* Suggestive, but not sufficient to infer a causal relationship
Three centuries of birth records in the southern part of the Netherlands indicate that conceptions (and, one may infer, heterosexual intercourse) occur most often in the spring; but a study of nearly a million Pap smears taken between 1983 and 1998 shows that women in this region are about twice as likely to contract human papillo-mavirus infection in August as in winter.