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infect (someone) with (something)

1. To cause someone or oneself to become ill. Ew, don't infect me with your germs! I know you had a stomach bug just last week!
2. To cause someone to become affected or influenced by something, She's got the most beautiful smile—it just infects everyone with joy.
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infect someone with something

1. to transmit disease-causing organisms to someone. (Someone includes oneself.) Please don't infect me with your cold germs. Somehow, she infected herself with the virus she was studying.
2. to affect someone with something, such as excitement, joy, desires, etc. Her explosive laughter infected everyone with good spirits.
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Luckily, USDA practices in place at the time limited the likelihood that any infected tissue was in the meat.
parvum that infect humans, and the transmission routes of such agents, has relevance for better understanding of the epidemiologic features of cryptosporidiosis.
Macrophage-tropic (M-tropic) strains infect primary macrophages and primary lymphocytes and use the chemokine receptor CCR5 as a co-receptor.
In the last three decades more than 50 lethal viruses (microscopic particles that cause infection) once found only in animals have infected humans.
An experimental drug shows potential against schistosomiasis, a scourge that infects millions of people throughout the tropics.
In 1983, a major epidemic occurred during which several monkeys died, 1,555 humans were infected, and 150 humans died.
Most infected women are young and black: AIDS is the leading cause of death for African-American women ages 25 to 34 in the U.S.
The latest country to report human cases is the former Soviet republic of Azerbaijan, where five of seven infected people have died.
bird flu- Influenza A types that primarily infect birds, but can infect humans.
This does not happen with most viruses, because they do not infect the CD4 cell.
White-tailed deer, potential carriers of a deadly disease that may also infect people.
A virus attached to e-mail messages can infect an entire enterprise in a matter of minutes.
"We need to be able to answer the simple question: `Can CWD from deer also infect humans?' There seems to be a `don't look, don't find' strategy, because this could be catastrophic to the meat industry."
In a "safe" environment it will be easier for an infected employee to disclose his or her status.
If your nail becomes loose, it may tear and get infected. To prevent tearing in a nail that has been loose for a while, cut all the loose nail away at the attachment site.