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infect someone with something

1. to transmit disease-causing organisms to someone. (Someone includes oneself.) Please don't infect me with your cold germs. Somehow, she infected herself with the virus she was studying.
2. to affect someone with something, such as excitement, joy, desires, etc. Her explosive laughter infected everyone with good spirits.
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Avian Flu- Influenza type A (H5N1) a subtype of influenza type A that was identified in 2003 and continues to infect birds.
We need to be able to answer the simple question: `Can CWD from deer also infect humans?
The virus can infect humans, birds, mosquitoes, horses and some other mammals.
Macrophage-tropic (M-tropic) strains infect primary macrophages and primary lymphocytes and use the chemokine receptor CCR5 as a co-receptor.
Most infected cells burst open, releasing millions of viruses that infect other cells in the body.
Unknowingly, they could infect their partner, who can spread the disease to another partner, and so on and so on until millions of people are infected.
Bacteriophages, or phages, infect bacteria in order to reproduce inside.
the presence and role of HIV-specific neutralizing antibodies that can make a pathogen, such as a virus, noninfectious (for example, J Infect Dis, 173, p.
The increasing popularity of keeping reptiles and other exotic animals as pets presents a public health problem, as such animals are commonly carriers of Salmonelh7 and thereby can infect humans directly or indirectly.
Borza recently proposed that the Epstein-Barr virus initially infects epithelial cells but then switches into a form that prefers to infect B cells.
On such machines the worm will infect the computer totally automatically -- the owner of the computer can be sleeping and still get Doomjuice on his computer.
Everglades virus (EVEV; Togaviridae: Alphavirus) circulates among rodents and vector mosquitoes in South Florida and can tangentially infect humans, causing a febrile disease with occasional neurologic signs.
Moreover, although the worm spread exponentially during the early stages, it took several hours to infect its first 10,000 hosts.
Thus, Hep-2 and Vero cell lines that we used are likely susceptible to TSV if the virus can infect Hep-2C and BGM as reported by Audelo-del-Valle et al.
tuberculosis can't infect the lungs of mice, but it can still grow in other organs.