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*infatuated with someone or something

to be in love with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) She is infatuated with John. John is infatuated with chocolate ice cream.
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Most of us have been infatuated with someone at some point in our lives and it does hurt when the feeling isn't mutual.
Nasha , a film starring Poonam Pandey, is about a teenager who gets infatuated with her.
Kieran Molloy, defending Gallagher, who has no previous convictions, said: "It appears that he became almost infatuated with this young lady.
Mullen was infatuated with the Benoits' daughter and that the family was terrified of him.
But it is unlikely that Channing Tatum and Amanda Seyfried would become infatuated with one another so quickly in real life.
He claims Mr Samuelides was so infatuated with his wife he threatened to kill himself if she stopped seeing him.
This girl became infatuated by you, and I regret to say it's my view you set out to utilise her immaturity to groom and then abuse her, being fully aware of the seriousness of what you did.
and Freud, the infatuated observer, and Irigaray and the politics of sexual differences.
At that age, I was infatuated with the actual story, the whole story behind it where you have a good guy trying to fight evil, and the evil part was his father," Hernandez said.
If it's not surprising to see leftists infatuated with Fidel, it's shocking that many in the mainstream media adore the man and the tropical gulag he created.
He seems to be so infatuated with the "gay rights" ideology that he is unwilling even to consider all the compelling evidence from time immemorial that children thrive best in a united home under the care and guidance of their own natural mother and father.
Her lover is a decent man who's infatuated with her.
But it also made some points newsletter publishers infatuated with online editions should consider.
Here, sibling silk merchants grow mutually infatuated before escaping war, marrying on a transatlantic voyage, and passing on a recessive gene for hermaphroditism.
What, then, will happen when the two infatuated antagonists return to the courtroom?