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*infatuated with someone or something

to be in love with someone or something. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) She is infatuated with John. John is infatuated with chocolate ice cream.
References in classic literature ?
Miss Vanhomrigh, like 'Stella,' was infatuated with Swift, and like her followed him to Ireland, and for nine years, as has been said, he
Stephen Guest had certainly not behaved well; but then, young men were liable to those sudden infatuated attachments; and bad as it might seem in Mrs.
The judge said his victim was infatuated with him "because she was 15, you were 26, you had a car and you took advantage of that".
Packer, once said been infatuated with to have been infatuated with Emma, drove prostitutes to remote locations before trying to persuade them to have sex outdoors.
AN infatuated Midland airman who was jailed for filming a naked colleague at an airbase has had his sentence slashed by appeal judges.
Being infatuated with the pimp game, infatuated with reggae music, infatuated with gangsta shit--all of that engulfs me.
London, May 2 ( ANI ): Russell Brand has admitted that he was infatuated with pornography and that his addictive personality developed back in childhood on Oprah Winfrey's new series.
I know I sound like an infatuated teen here but I'd be grateful for your advice.
Tell her that you either suspect something is going on or that your son is infatuated with her.
The film, which stars newbie teenager Shivam, is a story of a teenage boy who gets infatuated with Poonam.
It would seem from the constant inclusion of letters from this person that you are infatuated with this individual's writings.
The court heard the father of one became infatuated with the 15-year-old, who cannot be named for legal reasons, and the pair had sex more than 40 times.
AN INFATUATED man bought drugs for his girlfriend after she took advantage of him, a court heard.
Mullen was infatuated with the daughter of homeowners Robert and Kathleen Benoit.
But Amanda Seyfried would be unlikely to become infatuated so quickly in real life.