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captain of industry

A wealthy and powerful person in the business world. Her family will never accept an unemployed artist like me—they expect her to marry a captain of industry. Do you want to come to the gala with me and hob-nob with some captains of industry?
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cottage industry

1. A small-scale industry carried out by people in their own homes. When my grandmother was a girl, she was part of a cottage industry that made textiles, along with the rest of her family.
2. A small (and often loosely organized) network or business. It looks like you guys have a nice little cottage industry raking leaves.
3. An area of study pursued by a few passionate people. I understand that not everyone is interested in tracing minute details in modernist texts, but it's a cottage industry for a few people in the Master's program, like myself!
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the bottom falls out of the industry

The sales of a particular product, or in a particular industry, stop. The phrase is often accompanied by "if" or "when," and the type of market is usually specified before the word "industry." If the bottom ever truly falls out of the automotive industry, we could have another Great Depression ahead of us. The bottom fell out of the film-camera industry when digital cameras arrived on the scene.
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captain of industry

Fig. a high-ranking corporation officer; a wealthy and successful capitalist. The captains of industry manage to hang on to their money no matter what. It's fun to see those captains of industry drive up in their limousines.
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a captain of ˈindustry

a person who manages a large industrial company: He later moved to Seattle, where he became a well-known figure and captain of industry.
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Florida agriculture industry leaders also have commented favorably.
[] How does the profitability of the industry as a whole compare with that of other industries?
A significant aspect of the association will be to educate the public about forestry issues, as well as the industry. The group also intends to use the organization as a provider of training programs and allow operators to network.
Our analysis begins with a summary of the defense industry. We define defense firms similar to Chu and Waxman (1998) as firms that have established capabilities and competencies in dealing with the DoD.
This is like measuring the value of the television industry by the number of sets sold (the old rules) rather than the value of the content being transmitted by television (the new rules).
One of the mast significant advantages of the South African forestry industry is that more than 75 percent of local forestry resources are managed according to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
The study also noted that even though the plant has yet to be constructed, it already had negatively affected the region's wine industry. The international vineyard Kendall-Jackson and several German investors reportedly dropped their plans to invest in the Itata Valley when they learned a cellulose plant might be built.
He invited snowmobile and offroad vehicle groups, representatives from Vail Resorts, the Colorado Farm Bureau, and the Colorado Timber Industry Association, and other industry groups, who also happen to give large sums to the congressman's campaign fund.
Although TEI agrees that taxpayers and taxpayer groups bear responsibility for engaging the IRS on industry issues, additional steps can and should be taken to demonstrate LMSB's openness to broad-based taxpayer input.
The fact is that the industry is not maximizing its comparative advantages in areas other than the exchange rate.
But there is general agreement on--or reluctant acceptance of--one point: Like it or not, competition is already coming to the industry.
(41) Dairy Product Industry as all other categories of workers Le skilled, semi skilled and highly skilled specified in Labour Department, Government of Sindh's notification No L-II-13-3/2016/01 dated 24h August 2017.
The profile, which is based on a range of statistical data, portrays an industry that supports New York City's middle class, minority and immigrant populations, and substantially stimulates the City's economy.
metalcasting industry. While I was asked to perform this SWOT based on my initial gut reactions, I think the results are fair and true.
The 23rd Annual Tire Industry Conference for the domestic and international tire industry, including suppliers and allied industries, will be presented by Clemson University March 14-16 at The Westin Resort in Hilton Head, SC.
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