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cottage industry

1. A small-scale industry carried out by people in their own homes. When my grandmother was a girl, she was part of a cottage industry that made textiles, along with the rest of her family.
2. A small (and often loosely organized) network or business. It looks like you guys have a nice little cottage industry raking leaves.
3. An area of study pursued by a few passionate people. I understand that not everyone is interested in tracing minute details in modernist texts, but it's a cottage industry for a few people in the Master's program, like myself!
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captain of industry

A wealthy and powerful person in the business world. Her family will never accept an unemployed artist like me—they expect her to marry a captain of industry. Do you want to come to the gala with me and hob-nob with some captains of industry?
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the bottom falls out of the industry

The sales of a particular product, or in a particular industry, stop. The phrase is often accompanied by "if" or "when," and the type of market is usually specified before the word "industry." If the bottom ever truly falls out of the automotive industry, we could have another Great Depression ahead of us. The bottom fell out of the film-camera industry when digital cameras arrived on the scene.
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captain of industry

Fig. a high-ranking corporation officer; a wealthy and successful capitalist. The captains of industry manage to hang on to their money no matter what. It's fun to see those captains of industry drive up in their limousines.
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a captain of ˈindustry

a person who manages a large industrial company: He later moved to Seattle, where he became a well-known figure and captain of industry.
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Overall, most industry employees range in age from 30 to 50, with the highest proportion of workers between the ages of 35 and 39.
7) And the markets for fines (minus-20 mesh) and super fines (minus-60 mesh) are continuing to grow at steady rates and have the potential to join the other crumb markets with 50 percent type growth rates if the reliability of super fines production gets the tire industry more engaged and if polymer-modified asphalt continues to demonstrate success.
It also identified opportunities to reduce further multiple Industry crossovers within LMSB posts-of-duty.
There are three basic ways primary insurers can obtain catastrophe protection: purchase traditional catastrophe reinsurance, issue catastrophe bonds or purchase an industry loss warranty.
Recognizing the need to secure future fiber supplies as well as the value of carbon sequestration, the Japanese paper industry has established a goal of expanding plantation area owned or managed to 600,000 hectares (approximately 1.
Larry Comunale, Doncasters Southern Tool, spoke on behalf of AFS and the investment casting industry, focusing specifically on how the loss of investment casting jobs to low-price foreign competition threatens the security of the U.
Our initial look focuses on the top of the defense industry hierarchy, the 5 firms, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, and General Dynamics, which have consolidated to increase both their share of the defense business and percentage of their business dependent on defense work.
Participants identified four key dairy industry issues--animal health, animal welfare, food safety and the environment--that have the greatest impact on consumer confidence.
One of the mast significant advantages of the South African forestry industry is that more than 75 percent of local forestry resources are managed according to standards set by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC).
Appendix I lists the coordinated issues by industry that are being decontrolled and those that still remain viable industry issues.
TAPPI will also seek out relationships with government, sister associations and related non-governmental organizations (NGOs) that will enhance the Association's ability to serve its members, their companies, the industry and society.
metalcasting industry as well as review the conditions of competition between the U.
4 billion executive recruitment industry, according to Executive Recruiter News.
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