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indulge in something

1. to take pleasure in doing something; to do something habitually. No, I don't indulge in contact sports anymore. We don't indulge in strenuous activity.
2. to choose to eat a certain food or drink something, usually alcohol. I don't usually indulge in hard spirits, but just this once. I indulge in chocolate until I can't hold any more.
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indulge someone with something

to grant someone the favor or privilege of something. Please indulge me with this one favor. He always indulged himself with dinner at a nice restaurant when he went into town.
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indulge in

To engage or take part in something, especially freely, avidly, and for one's own sake or pleasure: The college students indulged in childish pranks. Those teenagers indulge in all the latest fads.
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Shoaib urged parents to prevent their children from indulging in one wheeling to ensure safe travel and avert fatal accidents.
If they respect the goodwill shown by India, then they should restraint their army from indulging in such provocative actions.
According to prosecution, she had infiltrated through Oman and had been indulging in prostitution until her arrest.
He was indulging in an indecent act and had a pornographic magazine with him.
The statement said: "Some people have been indulging in illegal activities, which are against the law of the land", and have not been abiding by the statements to abjure from violent activities, issued by the Council of Ministers, Majlis Al Shura, the National Commission for Human Rights and the office of the Grand Mufti.
LAHORE, November 20, 2009 (Frontier Star): Lahore High Court (LHC) has sought detailed reply from federal government on December 4 in connection with an application filed against the US security agency Black Water for indulging in illegal activities.
Guests will enjoy a sparkling start to the evening with a glass of bubbly on arrival, before indulging themselves in the latest beauty hints and tips from fellow Princes Square retailer Space NK, followed by a special fashion show, which will ensure you are kept bang up to date with all of this season's must-have trends.
She was indulging in hundreds of euro worth of spa treatments and even got stuck into the champagne too.
Before indulging yourself with the Carlsbad Strawberry Body Buff, enjoy La Costa's complimentary Agua de la Vida circuit, which consists of a cedar sauna, steam room, and an exfoliating body scrub--perhaps the Avocado Stone Polish--administered by the spa attendant of your choice.
By all accounts, it's indulging in luxuries like buying a coffee and a croissant before work that costs the average person more than pounds 57,000 in a lifetime.
Without shaking things up, without indulging whim and passion, the middle third of our lives will morph into "muddle age.
This tasty snack won't leave you ridden with feelings of guilt for indulging.
TODAY we reveal that Ulster teenagers are indulging in a bizarre and depraved sex act dubbed 'daisy chaining'.
Michael Prendiz, who made the mistake of indulging his sweet tooth on a Santa Clarita Transit bus in the presence of a sheriff's deputy, was initially hit with a $300 fine.
Tips for savoring relaxation include how to create mini-holidays and restful activities like collages and free association exercises, mental relaxation techniques, indulging in the comforts of a spa at home, inexpensive creative pursuits such as taking pictures, drawing, or even play-doh, ways to take it easy on the job, innovations that offer relief from humdrum routines, and more.