indulge in (something)

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indulge in (something)

1. To do something for one's own pleasure or enjoyment. We try to be responsible with our money, but we do indulge in a fancy night out every once and a while.
2. To eat or drink something in particular, often something that is not especially healthy. Oh, I'm definitely indulging in a big piece of cake on my birthday!
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indulge in something

1. to take pleasure in doing something; to do something habitually. No, I don't indulge in contact sports anymore. We don't indulge in strenuous activity.
2. to choose to eat a certain food or drink something, usually alcohol. I don't usually indulge in hard spirits, but just this once. I indulge in chocolate until I can't hold any more.
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indulge in

To engage or take part in something, especially freely, avidly, and for one's own sake or pleasure: The college students indulged in childish pranks. Those teenagers indulge in all the latest fads.
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The protesters termed Mr Zardari's arrest an attack on democracy and said that instead of providing relief to people the government had indulged in vindictive activities.
Religious leaders are already claiming that their workers were peaceful and unarmed, therefore, they should have no objection if the Government moves against those who, in the garb of protestors, indulged in violent activities.
He alleged that PTI chief Imran Khan was indulged in politics of telling lies Due to his sit-ins and lockdown the development process in the country had stopped and caused losses of billions of rupees, claimed
and remained indulged in corruption was destined to fall due to its immature
The so-called claimant of change remained continuously indulged in criticism for the sake of baseless allegations.
He was responding to opposition parties' claims that the ruling party has indulged in a National Reconciliation Order-like deal.
He said that the elements indulged in anarchy and politics of allegations increased problems of the people as conspiracy was hatched against the people by delaying the development projects through sit-ins and lockdowns.
"The central parliamentary board after considering all your replies, responses and letters was of the unanimous opinion that you have indulged in a breach of discipline.
Strauss indulged in the bluff and diplomacy his job often demands.
They could have indulged in sexual activities with him and taken pictures to blackmail him.
But, after the band split and he married artist Yoko Ono, he indulged in bed-ins, moved to New York, hung out with self-proclaimed revolutionaries and openly criticised America's military campaign in Vietnam.
He resisted the pomp, indulged in by most members, of stationing flags of nation and state on either side of his office door, and he declined to wear the gold eagle lapel pin that heralded him as a congressman.
They alleged the party that ruined the lives of people in KP and remained indulged in corruption was destined to fall due to its immature practices and ill-performance.
HARIPUR: Former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, addressing a rally in Haripur, on Saturday stated that the people of Pakistan have rejected the show" put on by the opposition parties and that the masses were aware of those playing politics of allegation.Referring to the joint opposition protestin Lahore on January 27, Nawaz Sharif stated that theprotestwas a testament to the people'srejectionof the politics of opposition parties and alluding to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI), said that the party has always indulged in politics of allegations.
Talking to party workers at Sabzazar Scheme on Tuesday,he said that Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf leadership indulged in politics of sit-ins and chaos and they were against speedy development in the country.