indulge in

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indulge in (something)

1. To do something for one's own pleasure or enjoyment. We try to be responsible with our money, but we do indulge in a fancy night out every once and a while.
2. To eat or drink something in particular, often something that is not especially healthy. Oh, I'm definitely indulging in a big piece of cake on my birthday!
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indulge in something

1. to take pleasure in doing something; to do something habitually. No, I don't indulge in contact sports anymore. We don't indulge in strenuous activity.
2. to choose to eat a certain food or drink something, usually alcohol. I don't usually indulge in hard spirits, but just this once. I indulge in chocolate until I can't hold any more.
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indulge in

To engage or take part in something, especially freely, avidly, and for one's own sake or pleasure: The college students indulged in childish pranks. Those teenagers indulge in all the latest fads.
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Indeed, less may be more in some circles, but when consumers do choose to indulge in desserts, they seem to want more.
There are some people who are exploiting the current situation in the name of protests and indulge in such anti-social acts.
When we play, we indulge in pure spirit and in the joy of creative activity.
The Prime Minister underlined that a credible nuclear deterrence is the need of the hour and the success of INS Arihant gives a fitting response to those who indulge in nuclear blackmail.
A party that avoids taking part in elections has, apparently, no locus standi to indulge in activities that amount to disruption of the democratic process.
The democratic governments that indulge in such practice are even worse than dictatorial regimes, he opined.
The so-called claimant of change remained continuously indulge in criticism for the sake of criticism and baseless allegations, he said and asserted that one had to spend a lifetime to serve the
Summary: There's 20,000 feet of display, 100,000 smartphone applications and discounts of up to 50 per cent -- the numbers may boggle the mind, but tech heads will know enough to understand there is plenty to indulge in at Gitex's first spring edition.
He has criticised our lax immigration policies, which have allowed a substantial number of people to live here illegally, many of whom indulge in a life of crime to top up any benefits they might be receiving.
They said metro bus project had been started in Peshawar after four and a half years and if these people did not indulge in sit-ins and instead served the masses, the KPK would have been developed like Punjab.