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indulge (oneself or someone) with (something)

To be kind enough to allow oneself or someone something. If I'm indulging myself with one birthday present this year, it's going to be that gorgeous bracelet! Do you think the CEO would indulge me with a few minutes of his precious time?
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indulge in (something)

1. To do something for one's own pleasure or enjoyment. We try to be responsible with our money, but we do indulge in a fancy night out every once and awhile.
2. To eat or drink something in particular, often something that is not especially healthy. Oh, I'm definitely indulging in a big piece of cake on my birthday!
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indulge in something

1. to take pleasure in doing something; to do something habitually. No, I don't indulge in contact sports anymore. We don't indulge in strenuous activity.
2. to choose to eat a certain food or drink something, usually alcohol. I don't usually indulge in hard spirits, but just this once. I indulge in chocolate until I can't hold any more.
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indulge someone with something

to grant someone the favor or privilege of something. Please indulge me with this one favor. He always indulged himself with dinner at a nice restaurant when he went into town.
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indulge in

To engage or take part in something, especially freely, avidly, and for one's own sake or pleasure: The college students indulged in childish pranks. Those teenagers indulge in all the latest fads.
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They are trying to indulge in at least some kind of terror activity so that their morale can be restored.
With Novation Indulge 2740, dairy manufacturers can achieve a complete clean label for the first time and deliver the indulgent textures that consumers have come to expect.
First Federal Bank of Harrison filed a petition for foreclosure against Indulge in December 2009.
Chocolate loves can indulge in new menu treats including:
The hotel is offering an Indulge R-Way package available on bookings made and completed by December 22, 2011.
Bell has also been hard at work creating new caramel candies that are ideal for the upscale candy counter, or perhaps cross-merchandised in the floral or gift department The result is Indulge Coffee Caramels, in which she has infused rich, bold coffee into her signature buttery soft caramels.
M2 EQUITYBITES-June 8, 2011-Cricket adds Samsung Indulge to Smartphone line-up(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
TELECOMWORLDWIRE-April 4, 2011-MetroPCS launches 4G LTE Service on the Samsung Galaxy Indulge in the Tampa metropolitan area(C)1994-2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.
MetroPCS announced today the Samsung Galaxy Indulge, a phone the company is billing as the first commercially-available 4G LTE phone.
YOUNGSTERS can indulge a love for ballet with headband and leotard sets (from pounds 5), ballet wraps (from pounds 5) and tutus (from pounds 7) all from Next.
Indulge an ego often enough, and they all start tossing in schoolboy tantrums when they can't get their own way.
1 : to give in to the desires of <Grandparents often indulge their grandchildren.
The offer extends to reservations made before Sunday, May 25, 2008, and comprises pounds 1,000 to spend on items from Redrow's Indulge collection.
From soothing music and massage techniques to your therapist's choice of products, the experts at the Spa at La Costa aim to indulge, invigorate, and inspire you, relieve aching muscles, and alleviate stress.