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induct someone into something

1. to conscript someone into the armed services; to bring a nonvolunteer into the armed services. They inducted Wally into the army in a little ceremony.
2. to draft someone into something. They inducted a number of new members into the group.
3. to install someone in an office or position. They inducted her into the presidency. The college inducted a new president into office last week.
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Paswan is said to have put pressure on the BJP to induct him in the cabinet.
Smith, a major force in New York avant-garde culture, will induct the late Lou Reed who is being honored in his own right after entering the Hall as part of the Velvet Underground.
Maoists have taken strong exception to the reluctance of Prime Minister Khanal to induct their new ministers in the cabinet.
Pakistan Railways will induct 26 locomotives in financial year 2017-18 in which six will be 4000HP and 20 will be 2000HP.
Wonder will induct Bill Withers, a fellow songwriter who had his biggest impact in the 1970s.
The Navy, which has currently been training its pilots at the Air Force academy, will induct the new trainers from 2013 and will set up a parallel training academy for pilots.
To a question, the official said that Pakistan Railways had also planned to induct 281 new locomotives of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) in its fleet till financial year 2023-24.
ISLAMABAD -- Pakistan Railways plans to induct 281new locomotives of Completely Knocked Down (CKD) of different Horse Power (HP) in its fleet till financial year 2023-24.
We have continuing issues with the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, starting with the fact that they chose to only induct the original lineup when that's hardly the case with other bands," he said from Los Angeles.
ISLAMABAD -- PIA will induct 5 more 320A aircrafts in its fleet during January, 2015.