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induct someone into something

1. to conscript someone into the armed services; to bring a nonvolunteer into the armed services. They inducted Wally into the army in a little ceremony.
2. to draft someone into something. They inducted a number of new members into the group.
3. to install someone in an office or position. They inducted her into the presidency. The college inducted a new president into office last week.
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To allow its consortium institutions to benefit while also obtaining critical peer feedback, user input, and ideas for further enhancements, CIMIT has extended its current Induct license to enable all of its Boston-based consortium institutions to use CoLab.
Managing Director PIA, Shahnawaz Rehman sharing his views on the arrival of the aircraft said that the airline plans to induct more fuel efficient aircraft in its fleet which will help increase revenue and improve the flight schedule of the airline.
The navy needs to train scores of pilots in a short time period as it gears to induct over 50 aircraft over the next five years.
OSLO & BOSTON -- Oslo University Hospital and Induct Software[TM] AS (Induct), "The Open Innovation Company[TM]," today announced a long term strategic partnership Agreement under which the parties will work together to help Oslo University Hospital achieve its goal of becoming the world leader in healthcare innovation.
The management of the national flag carrier is making efforts to persuade the government to induct 20 fuel efficient aircraft in its fleet.
Imagine a city without noisy, polluting buses, replaced by environmentally-friendly, robotic shuttle buses that can be summoned by your mobile phone," said Pierre Lefevre, CEO, Induct.
Agreement Signed With Norway's Induct Software to Deploy Virtual Innovation Communities to Achieve Better Service Quality
March 1, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Inventors Hall of Fame today announced it will induct two IBM(NYSE: IBM) scientists whose invention paved the way for the advancement of commercial disk storage technology used in computers, digital cameras and other devices.
Amidon Brings E100 Worldwide Consulting Network to Induct Platform
March 3, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- The National Inventors Hall of Fame today announced it will induct retired IBMer (NYSE: IBM) Norman Joseph Woodland for his contribution to the invention of the Universal Product Code (UPC).
OSLO & BOSTON -- Induct Software AS (Induct), "The Open Innovation Company[TM]," and Brand Management Group (BMG), a premier Scandinavian innovation consulting company, have signed a partnership Agreement for innovation management.
8, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Today, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame announces the artists who will induct this year's honorees.
Table 2: North American Market for Induct Air Purification Equipment (2003): Percentage Revenue Breakdown of Leading Players - Lennox International, Inc.
Lack of Awareness Among HVAC Contractors Restrain Growth of Induct Units II-15
OSLO & BOSTON -- Induct Software AS (Induct), "The Open Innovation Company[TM]," is pleased to announce that Professor Henry Chesbrough will be heading its Academic Advisory Board.