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induce labor in (someone)

To cause a pregnant woman to begin the birthing process. The doctors plan to induce labor in Alexis if she doesn’t start having contractions by Tuesday. We'll use Pitocin to induce labor in the patient.
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induce labor in someone

to cause the onset of childbirth in a mother-to-be. They decided to induce labor in the mother-to-be. They decided not to induce labor in Alice.
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He was dexterous to make him comfortable, and he exercised a cunning of which I should never have thought him capable to induce him to take the medicines prescribed by the doctor.
And if he had been fortunate or adroit enough to conciliate the good-will of the people, he might induce them to consider as a very odious and unjustifiable restraint upon themselves, a provision which was calculated to debar them of the right of giving a fresh proof of their attachment to a favorite.
Each trial of voice, each fresh discovery of discord, almost imperceptibly induces the less perfect to modify his or her vocal utterance so as to approximate to the more perfect.
He was willing enough that Philip should take up some other profession, he suggested his father's calling, medicine, but nothing would induce him to pay an allowance if Philip went to Paris.
And the fear of this, as I conceive, induces the good to take office, not because they would, but because they cannot help--not under the idea that they are going to have any benefit or enjoyment themselves, but as a necessity, and because they are not able to commit the task of ruling to any one who is better than themselves, or indeed as good.
This fundamental subject of Natural Selection will be treated at some length in the fourth chapter; and we shall then see how Natural Selection almost inevitably causes much Extinction of the less improved forms of life and induces what I have called Divergence of Character.
Pentylenetetrazol (PTZ) drug can cause seizure and results in cognitive disorders,2 changes in emotional behavior3 and neuronal loss.4 PTZ exposure cause brain damage and induce epileptic seizures by affecting specific receptors and the magnitudes of seizure differ in the developing brain as compared to the mature brain.5 A large number of signaling pathways are involved that results in seizure-induced neuronal cell damage, change in behavior, intellectual dysfunction and apoptosis.6
If y were adjacent to [w.sub.1], then either {[w.sub.1],v, x, y} would induce [H.sub.3] or {[w.sub.1], u, x, y} would induce [H.sub.2] in G, a contradiction.
If y were adjacent to [w.sub.1], then either {[w.sub.1], v, x, y} would induce [H.sub.3] or {[w.sub.1], u, x, y} would induce [H.sub.2] in G, a contradiction.
To see whether 5'AMP could induce torpor, the researchers injected a synthetic version of the compound into animals on normal feeding and activity schedules.
This is the first time that a drug has been demonstrated to induce a protective level of melanin in people who normally cannot be induced to make any significant amounts of melanin.
Concentration of AFL required to induce a 50% inhibition of contractions in isolated rat aortic rings (n = 7) pre-contracted with isosmotic solution [K.sup.+] (65.4 mM) or noradrenaline (1 [micro]M) under different extracellular concentrations of calcium.
But how to induce a strong anti-HIV immune response?