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indoctrinate someone into something

to teach someone the ways of a group or some activity. The staff sought to indoctrinate Walter into the ways of office procedure. Todd indoctrinated Ken into camp life.
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indoctrinate someone with something

to teach someone the official or fundamental knowledge about something. They indoctrinated all their spies with the importance of being loyal to the death. Ken indoctrinated Todd with revolutionary thinking.
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What we should do instead is incorporate much more of their indoctrination program into the other remaining commissioning sources.
However we are left in no doubt that his indoctrination, has he puts it, has done little to dim his fervour for the language, in fact it has had the opposite effect.
He goes on to stress that the God's-unconditional-love indoctrination ultimately leads one "to believe in some version of universal salvation, and/or to commit the horribly serious sin of presumption.
This is not spiritual practice; it is the practice of indoctrination and the modus operandi of organized, big-business religions.
This fall, Navy commands provided indoctrination classes for its newest petty officers and chief petty officers.
They will claim that the humanist observance of Darwin Day just proves what creationists have said all along: that teaching evolutionary science in the public schools is nothing but indoctrination of students in the tenets of "the religion of secular humanism.
Social and cultural indoctrination merely took the place of economic exploitation as the new form of childhood oppression.
Earley's analysis of judicial decisions dealing with religion and public schools was widely off the mark, but he had good reason to be upset about the recent ruling on public funds for inmate indoctrination.
Consequently, many Massachusetts public school students are subjected to homosexual indoctrination, often involving shockingly explicit discussion of depraved sexual practices.
1: Chamberlain vs Surrey School Board, or how parents may lose their right to safeguard their children from homosexual indoctrination in the public school
Sailors later exchange their "Navy" ball caps for Ronald Reagan plank owner caps--emblazoned with a symbolic horse and rider over the carrier's flight deck (above)--after attending a mandatory indoctrination course that assists Sailors in a school-to-ship transition.
Brennan, are out of sync with most American Catholics) now stand poised to approve school vouchers, which would wreck the First Amendment, destroy public education, tax all citizens to pay for sectarian indoctrination, and fragment society along religious, ethnic, class, and other lines.