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indoctrinate someone into something

to teach someone the ways of a group or some activity. The staff sought to indoctrinate Walter into the ways of office procedure. Todd indoctrinated Ken into camp life.
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indoctrinate someone with something

to teach someone the official or fundamental knowledge about something. They indoctrinated all their spies with the importance of being loyal to the death. Ken indoctrinated Todd with revolutionary thinking.
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Every waking moment in the InnerChange program is devoted to teaching and indoctrinating inmates into the Christian faith.
Journalists who consider themselves "professional" should get out of the business of indoctrinating the public.
The regime has so far maintained its governing system with total isolation unprecedented in world history, in part by cunningly and ruthlessly indoctrinating its people Cumings vividly captures the doctrine of juche or self-reliance whose insane obsessiveness breeds the pathological isolationism we see.
Realizing that only a very few of the dancers studying in my school would ever work in my company, I determined that we needed to guide our students toward development of their own styles and the ability to adapt to other choreographers rather than indoctrinating them with mine.
Hence it is not true that Catholicism, in indoctrinating its members, narrows their vision by enforcing a system that eliminates other possibilities.
The father of three said the Loudoun County schools were effectively indoctrinating his children in a "God and country" worldview that violates his Mennonite faith.
Homosexual change agents in the corporate world insist that the battle against workplace "discrimination" must include indoctrinating straight employees regarding the evils of "homophobia.