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indoctrinate someone into something

to teach someone the ways of a group or some activity. The staff sought to indoctrinate Walter into the ways of office procedure. Todd indoctrinated Ken into camp life.
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indoctrinate someone with something

to teach someone the official or fundamental knowledge about something. They indoctrinated all their spies with the importance of being loyal to the death. Ken indoctrinated Todd with revolutionary thinking.
See also: indoctrinate
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Even the otherwise traditional rehabilitation classes themselves, as set forth above, have been turned into classes intended to indoctrinate inmates into the Christian faith.
The early expressions of national consciousness by the likes of Espiard in the 1740s gave rise naturally to a socially homogenizing "republican critique" of national character by the 1770s and 1780s, one that forecast the Jacobin zeal to indoctrinate the masses in the Revolution (p.
But the most important vector of this plague is the public school system, which uses "diversity days" and similar exercises to indoctrinate impressionable youngsters in the dogmas of the sexual revolution.
Why should we pay for the Roman Catholic Church to indoctrinate our children?
Earlier, reports had claimed that Travolta was trying to indoctrinate the actress into his religion.
Emissaries from radical feminist groups will seek to indoctrinate Iraqi women.
Today they apply the term "homophobia" to anyone who in the least way opposes the sodomite lifestyle, or opposes their demand for "Gay Pride Parades" (a dozen cities across Canada have been coerced to comply), or reject the presumed right of its members to indoctrinate public school children (the Chamberlain case), or their "right" to act as they see fit in Catholic schools (the Marc Hall case).
Murolo suggests that genteel women established clubs to indoctrinate working-class women into the ideals of True Womanhood while working-class women joined clubs to identify themselves as respectable women and wage-earners.
The Traditional Values Coalition holds an annual seminar to indoctrinate black ministers with right-wing philosophy on homosexuality and other social issues.
Another tactic developed and refined in the SBC was holding preconference caucus meetings in order to organize and indoctrinate messengers on how to vote at forthcoming conventions.
According to the Daily Star, this vile extremist has appointed himself principal lecturer of a 20-week course in his twisted version of Islam, and there are fears that Choudary and his followers will indoctrinate a new generation of Muslim fanatics.
The New York Times and San Francisco Chronicle quoted several parents who were upset over Williams' efforts to indoctrinate their children.
In government-run schools across the nation, even more aggressive efforts to indoctrinate schoolchildren are carried out in the name of preventing classroom "harassment" and combating youth suicide.