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indict someone for something

[for a legal body] to arraign someone for a crime or name someone formally as the one accused of a crime. The grand jury indicted her for murder. Then they indicted Max for grand larceny.
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The accountability court was set to indict Sharif family on October 13 but had to delay it due to ruckus created by lawyers inside the court premises.
The call to indict Lieberman raised the specter of disarray in the four-month-old right-wing coalition government.
If the federal government tries to hone in on "co-conspirators," it may well have to indict the entire paid staff of the city of West Hollywood (an independent municipality surrounded by Los Angeles).
The investigation officer told the court that challan has been already submitted in the court following which the court adjourn the hearing till July 3, with the decision to indict the accused on the same day.
The police said it is suitable to indict the two as they have confirmed their negligence through investigation.
Prosecutors have decided to indict former home affairs minister Kanju Sato on fraud charges on Monday, investigative sources said Sunday.
On May 16th, the same jurors who charged Person and Hester refused to indict McKinney, opting instead to ignore the charges levied against him.
Prosecutors plan to indict Fujita's 21-year-old accomplice, Kunihiko Tanaka, later this month.
Prosecutors said Monday they have again decided not to indict four executives of Taiwan's China Airlines (CAL) over a 1994 plane crash at Nagoya airport that killed 264 passengers and crew members, citing insufficient evidence.
Sturges's work was the subject of a 1991 anti-child porn crusade in San Francisco, but the grand jury refused to indict.
Tokyo district prosecutors decided in December that year not to indict the driver, citing insufficient evidence, but refused to give the parents a reason for deciding against the indictment when they asked.
Meanwhile, prosecutors decided not to indict four people, including Yoichi Yabuuchi, 53, a senior official at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in charge of developing new medicines, and Shigeki Kawaguchi, 60, a former official who was in charge of judicial affairs at the company.