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indict someone for something

[for a legal body] to arraign someone for a crime or name someone formally as the one accused of a crime. The grand jury indicted her for murder. Then they indicted Max for grand larceny.
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5 Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution, unanimously decided that Ozawa warrants indictment, acting upon a complaint by a citizens group against prosecutors' decision not to indict him.
The prosecutors relaunched investigations following the panel decision but later decided again not to indict him.
The Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office will indict Sato on Monday, the deadline for when he must be indicted or released from custody, the sources said.
The Nagoya District Public Prosecutors Office said it will not indict Chang Kuang-feng, 69, then the airline's vice president, Hsu Chia-yin, 62, and Lin Tzu-wen, 57, then head and deputy head of CAL's operation department, and Lin Yu, 57, chief pilot at the time, on charges of professional negligence.
2 Nagoya Committee for the Inquest of Prosecution, an independent panel of citizens, found prosecutors' previous decision not to indict them unjust in a resolution adopted in January last year.
The committee for the inquest of prosecution, consisting of 11 citizens, examines whether prosecutors' decisions not to indict suspects are proper, although their resolutions are not legally binding.
Prosecutors acknowledged negligence of the two in March 1999 but did not indict them together with the four executives because they had died.
Noboru Yamamoto, leader of a bereaved families' group, said he is ''extremely dissatisfied'' with the prosecutors' decision not to indict the four for a second time.
Acting on a recommendation by the Nagano prosecution screening panel to indict the driver, a 40-year-old construction worker, the Nagano District Public Prosecutors Office reversed its August 1997 decision to clear him and indicted him in the case, prosecutors said.
Meanwhile, prosecutors decided not to indict four people, including Yoichi Yabuuchi, 53, a senior official at Otsuka Pharmaceutical in charge of developing new medicines, and Shigeki Kawaguchi, 60, a former official who was in charge of judicial affairs at the company.
A Canyon Country man accused of offering to perform female circumcision on two children was denied bail this week after a prosecutor said the government is considering seeking to indict him on a child porn charge.
And there is Bobby's backchannel efforts to console Congressman Eugene Keough as Justice indicts his brother.