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might as well

Should (do something), typically because there is no reason not to. The deadline is today, but you might as well send it in anyway—they may still accept it. A: "Are you going to work late tonight?" B: "I might as well. I have nothing else going on."
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indicate something to someone

to signify something to someone. (By speech, writing, or some other sign.) Karen indicated her agreement to the lawyer. Fred indicated his assent to me.
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might as well

 and may as well
a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it. Bill: Should we try to get there for the first showing of the film? Jane: Might as well. Nothing else to do. Andy: May as well leave now. It doesn't matter if we arrive a little bit early. Jane: Why do we always have to be the first to arrive?
See also: might, well
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as Linga-the indicatory mark of the presence of the self.
During the investigations undertaken by the new management team in early 2004, archived records were located suggesting the indicatory presence of gold and other precious and base metal deposits.
On the pretext of creating a halo, the Creator is actually making an indicatory mark to cancel the redundancy of the Sun and the Moon--just like a scribe or an author to erase an extra syllable or letter.
Where: IP--total image value, [SIGMA] 1--advertising image value, [SIGMA] 2--internet image value, [SIGMA] 3--infomaterials image value, [SIGMA] 4--tourist guides value, [SIGMA] 5 indicatory signs value
We consider that the indicatory potential of macrozoobenthos in offshore areas of lakes in Estonia is not yet sufficiently used.
It is important to them what others think of them, because they it is indicatory of their self-value (Rice, 1981).
Even the use of wrist supports are contra indicatory to good mousing practice, as they reduce blood supply to the hand still further as the weight of the users wrist and forearm bears down and onto the wrist rest, putting pressure on and constricting blood flow in, the wrist, actually at the Carpal Tunnel.
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