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might as well

Should (do something), typically because there is no reason not to. The deadline is today, but you might as well send it in anyway—they may still accept it. A: "Are you going to work late tonight?" B: "I might as well. I have nothing else going on."
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indicate something to someone

to signify something to someone. (By speech, writing, or some other sign.) Karen indicated her agreement to the lawyer. Fred indicated his assent to me.
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might as well

 and may as well
a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it. Bill: Should we try to get there for the first showing of the film? Jane: Might as well. Nothing else to do. Andy: May as well leave now. It doesn't matter if we arrive a little bit early. Jane: Why do we always have to be the first to arrive?
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1%) indicating that the tribal language was the primary language spoken at home.
Despite the prevalence of disability among American Indians and evidence indicating that American Indians with disabilities are often inadequately served, few studies have attempted to identify community rehabilitation needs of American Indian people.
Scheduling a meeting with school administrators or the staff development committee and providing them with a formal statement indicating a need for more education in the area of special education as well as a rationale for providing the education is a simple way to start the process.
Results from the Phase 3 study indicating that patients found 32 INKP-102 tablets to be easier to take and preferable for a future colonoscopy than 40 Visicol(R) tablets;
Results from the combined safety database indicating that 32 INKP-102 tablets were associated with a better electrolyte profile than 40 Visicol(R) tablets.
Lephard (1995) adds to these observations, indicating that `the majority of students entering university for generalist training do not have substantial music literacy, and the time allotment for music is inadequate to produce teachers who are sufficiently competent and confident to successfully implement a music program'.
Negative attitudes towards gay or lesbian individuals were reported to exist in the workplace by the respondents, with over half of all respondents indicating that someone whom they knew personally had made a negative comment regarding sexual orientation in the workplace.
6%) of the respondents indicating that they believed sexual orientation mattered to other workers and 44.
Contamination from system leaks, incorrect gas purity or other contaminants introduced into the gas stream cause the purifiers to change color - indicating the impurities that have been removed from the gas stream.
The Valve with Indicating Purifier (VIP) series and the Mini series of Smart Indicating Purifiers (SIP) join the company's existing gas purifiers with indicating media.
The majority of students, 119, or 79% circled "I am" indicating personal responsibility, 12, or 8%, circled "My instructor", and 19, or 13% wrote in that both they and the instructor are responsible for their learning.
Another 27% identified themselves as very good readers, indicating that 54% felt that they were very good or excellent readers (see Table 2).
Approximately half of the respondents indicated they did not have any college training in special needs topics with over 25% indicating no clock hour training.
Three deep mineralized drill holes occur on the WNW faults in the POD gold resource area (currently under evaluation for proposed open pit production) potentially indicating that a larger and deeper untested gold system is the source of the shallow oxide deposit.
Middle East VCs (comprised 100 percent of Israel-based respondents) indicated that the United States and Israel are their top two destinations for investment, with 19 percent indicating plans to increase investment in the United States.