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indicate (something) to (someone)

To signal, show, or otherwise disclose something to someone. Stu hasn't indicated interest in the house to me—has he talked to any of the other realtors? Kelly indicated her excitement for dessert to me with a big grin and an emphatic nod.
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might as well

Should (do something), typically because there is no reason not to. The deadline is today, but you might as well send it in anyway—they may still accept it. A: "Are you going to work late tonight?" B: "I might as well. I have nothing else going on."
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indicate something to someone

to signify something to someone. (By speech, writing, or some other sign.) Karen indicated her agreement to the lawyer. Fred indicated his assent to me.
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might as well

 and may as well
a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it. Bill: Should we try to get there for the first showing of the film? Jane: Might as well. Nothing else to do. Andy: May as well leave now. It doesn't matter if we arrive a little bit early. Jane: Why do we always have to be the first to arrive?
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Females, on the other hand, had a higher fluctuation of mean scores with age indicating women are more ambivalent in their opinion than males.
In each case the participant was asked to respond twice, indicating "how close you are to different cultures," with each rating on a four-point scale (4 = "a lot," 3 = "some," 2 = "a few," 1 = "none at all") (a) in relation to American-Indian culture or way of life, and (b) in relation to White-American or Anglo culture or way of life.
The stress-strain profiles for the PBD/MA formulations were completely different in shape from the curves for the control, TAIC and SRTMA formulations, indicating that unique mechanical properties are imparted to CPE by PBD/MA.
The difference is greatest in the short run, with 62 percent of Mac users vs 47 percent of DOS users indicating no more than three months; 34 percent of Mac users vs 47 percent of DOS users indicating it takes up to one year; and four percent of Mac users vs seven percent of DOS users saying it takes over one year.
A patent has been granted to an invention which relates to a visual indicating device and an article for controlling odors, in particular foot, garbage, basement, cooking, pet, tobacco, feces and urine odors.
The survey included various duties principal must perform with participants indicating the degree to which they found various duties satisfying.
It issued these heavily redacted memoranda less than one month apart, indicating that it may be sharpening its focus in examining these types of transactions.
Citing a few classical sources and examples, they remain general rather than indicating specific contemporary events or persons.
However, with BT product doses in or above the optimized range used for aerial spray applications, the response times were essentially clustered ([tLD.sub.50] = 3.9-4.8 hr), indicating that the number of spores is already near or may exceed the number of vegetative cells needed (on conversion) to generate sufficient cytotoxic product(s).
The ellipses serve a rhythmical function as well, indicating the "silence" between phrases.
It is important to note that the simulation results show the highly concentrated region in the riser also reaches into the top of the casting, indicating the formation of so called under-riser segregation.
There was, however, an appreciable number of responses indicating a need for more assistive technology while they were in college, some need for closer contact with their rehabilitation counselors, and a definite need (and request) for more assistance in the area of placement.
Twenty-four of the items were statements to which the respondent indicated on a seven-point Likert scale (Likert, 1932) the degree of their agreement or disagreement (with "1" indicating the highest agreement and "7" representing the strongest disagreement).
In the period immediately after the August 20 meeting, most other market interest rates rose slightly, reflecting in part the absence of an anticipated easing of monetary policy and data indicating that the expansion might be more robust than expected.
A recently granted patent relates to a visual indicating device and an article for controlling odors, in particular foot, garbage, basement, cooking, pet, tobacco, feces and urine odors.