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might as well

Should (do something), typically because there is no reason not to. The deadline is today, but you might as well send it in anyway—they may still accept it. A: "Are you going to work late tonight?" B: "I might as well. I have nothing else going on."
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indicate something to someone

to signify something to someone. (By speech, writing, or some other sign.) Karen indicated her agreement to the lawyer. Fred indicated his assent to me.
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might as well

 and may as well
a phrase indicating that it is probably better to do something than not to do it. Bill: Should we try to get there for the first showing of the film? Jane: Might as well. Nothing else to do. Andy: May as well leave now. It doesn't matter if we arrive a little bit early. Jane: Why do we always have to be the first to arrive?
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But the "supervision" data again indicate that both Naive and Sophisticated students are aware of this requirement.
The low response concerning rare earth content and type of rare earth source being used would seem to indicate that there is still a lot of confusion in this area.
Table 1 indicates that 51% of the sample never took their children to the library; whereas, 23% of the participants took their children to the library at least once every two weeks.
This profile indicates that the participants in this study are readers and further more they believe that reading is important to the success of their children.
Our research indicates significant downside ahead for NT.
The stock ratings range from +10 (which indicates our view that a stock has a great chance to move higher) to - 10 (which indicates our belief that a stock has a great chance to move lower).
Our research indicates probable downside for CHTR from current prices.
Our research indicates probable upside for KO from current prices.
Moreover, NT's short-term oscillating stochastic number indicates a leg downward.
Also, short-term oscillating stochastic numbers indicate that the current trade channel could reverse bearing over the upcoming sessions.
Recent stochastic numbers indicate that ZMH is close to a trend beyond recent prices over the short-term.
Recent oscillating stochastic readings indicate that the stock is close to leg to new short-term lows over the next week or so.