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independent as a hog on ice

Unable to be controlled. The phrase was originally used in the sport of curling to describe the movement of the stones on the ice. I want to keep this meeting from happening, but it's independent as a hog on ice now, with so many people involved. I worry about my daughter's rebelliousness, but she's as independent as a hog on ice—there's no stopping her from doing what she wants to do.
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independent of

Excluding (something); without taking something into account. My contract was written independent of overtime—I got a higher base salary instead. I need you to make a decision independent of your personal feelings on this issue.
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Independent contractors can "work from anywhere" and tend to perform "non-core" work for individual companies.
The next step was Independent 529 Plan, launched in 1998 by a group of independent colleges and universities, predominantly in the South.
The IIABA and independent agency insurers launched Trusted Choice in 2001 to address a problem, said Jeffrey A.
A typical first classification attack--the first domino to fall--comes when the working relationship ends and the independent contractor files for Unemployment Insurance benefits.
When it is the service provider who seeks reclassification, the IRS may flag the contracting party for an audit of how it classifies all of its independent contractors.
The Independent Music Teachers Forum will meet Tuesday, March 20, 11:45 A.
The researchers also found no indication that higher-income earners chose independent schools to a greater extent than low-income earners, no evidence that freedom of choice led to increased economic segregation, and nothing to indicate that independent schools have fewer special-needs students.
Sometimes clients want freelancers to work on-site, but Pat Noble says being independent means never having to work in someone else's office.
Kearsley's response to this trend is the Continuum of Care expansion project, which was officially completed in March 1996 and was designed to bridge the gap between housing for independent living and nursing home care.
As stated in Dexsil, "the independent investor test is not a separate autonomous factor; rather, it provides a lens through which the entire analysis should be viewed.
Independent schools do work and they can be successful - in fact, there are all sorts of independent schools flourishing in Ontario.
With its strong foundation of consumer control and advocacy, this new independent living movement had great potential to become a forceful political movement by attracting a broad, cross-disability population at the grass-roots level.
on the Internal Revenue Service's revised training materials for distinguishing between independent contractors and employees ("Worker Classification").
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