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independent as a hog on ice

Unable to be controlled. The phrase was originally used in the sport of curling to describe the movement of the stones on the ice. I want to keep this meeting from happening, but it's independent as a hog on ice now, with so many people involved. I worry about my daughter's rebelliousness, but she's as independent as a hog on ice—there's no stopping her from doing what she wants to do.
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independent of

Excluding (something); without taking something into account. My contract was written independent of overtime—I got a higher base salary instead. I need you to make a decision independent of your personal feelings on this issue.
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People stand as independents because they either no longer or have never been members of a political party, but want to serve their community.
It has property beside Independent Nickel's Lynn Lake deposit in Northern Manitoba called the Minago Nickel Property.
Strengthened by the company's new ownership and independent governance structure, GMAC expects improved credit ratings will lead to lower-cost funding.
April 12-14, 2007 Transformation of the College Library Workshops The Council of Independent Colleges ( Cleveland, Ohio
As internal auditors, we are not independent of DoN, we are part of it.
For the coming fiscal year, The Independent Budget recommends increasing the overall VA medical care budget by 11 percent over the 2006 level, to $32.9 billion.
Kenneth Christensen is an independent piano teacher and active performer, adjudicator and clinician.
Independent contractors work for themselves, and are typically business owners who take on projects outsourced by other firms.
Under the current rules, employers may have to provide employee benefits to a worker classified as an independent contractor for withholding purposes.
The independent audit committee provides oversight of the financial reporting process while the independent auditor provides an outside opinion on the fairness of the financial statements.
To avoid getting in trouble down the line as a result of delivering assistance in living (AIL) services in existing independent living units, ask yourself six tough questions now, and answer them from the perspective of the years 2005 through 2010:
They must be advised that to classify service providers as independent contractors they must contractually and practically act as if there's an independent contractor relationship.
As for exercising a duty of care, the independent directors have no way of accomplishing that.
It extends over sufficient time for the supply of independent schools to expand and for public schools to respond.
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