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indemnify (someone or something) against (something)

To protect someone or something against something. One insurance policy can't indemnify you against everything, you know.
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indemnify someone or something against something

to agree to protect someone or something against something, such as damage or a lawsuit. Their employer indemnified them against legal action. We indemnified the publisher against legal trouble.
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Example 31 states that "the insurer will indemnify the lessor" while example 35 states "the insurer will indemnify the lessor/lessee." These statements are basically the same and we recommend that the sentences be changed to consistently read either "the insurer will indemnify the insured" or "the insurer will indemnify the lessor/lessee." The relevant portions of paragraph 31 and 35 are included below and changes have been identified using strike-through, bold, and suggested revision in brackets:
Sun will also indemnify customers using Linux distributed with its servers and, according to Schwartz.
In no event shall Engineer be liable for any indirect, special or consequential loss or damage arising out of the performance of services hereunder including, but not limited to, loss of use, loss of profit, or business interruption whether caused by negligence of Engineer, or otherwise, and Owner shall indemnify and hold Engineer harmless from any such damages or liability.
Many courts have found this language (indicating that one party shall "hold or save harmless" the other) to be synonymous with the term indemnify. Nevertheless, this type of clause clearly indicates that one party agrees to hold the other party without responsibility--or harmless--for damages or other liability.
Without this release, an owner may be required to indemnify the manager from lawsuits brought by third parties, but may still retain the right to recover damages from the manager.
Baltimore has a memorandum of understanding with the union requiring the city to provide attorneys for officers accused of misconduct and indemnify them for damages arising from actions within the scope of their employment.
It would also see the UK indemnify the EU against any such infractions, with the British assuming the legal responsibility for the damage.
Christopher Jeffries, an attorney for one group of defendants, told Sampson atthe hearing additional events needed to occur for the duty to indemnify the officers even to become an issue.
However, judges in Massachusetts and California sided with Cosby and ruled in 2016 that ( AIG did have to defend Cosby, although left open until after a trial or settlement was the question of whether AIG must indemnify Cosby for damages he may be required to pay the women.
The amendment was stipulated in Prakas 443 - released by the ministry on September 21 last year - which dictates that an employer is no longer required to indemnify an employee who is dismissed but will be required to pay seniority payments every six months, equivalent to 15 days of the employee's pay.
We indemnify exporters if they are not being paid by importers,' the official said, adding that the agency has tied up with an international agency to recover dues.
The Excess Policies' basic insuring agreement states that Hartford "will indemnify the [City] for ultimate net loss in excess of the retained limit [of $500,000.]" "Ultimate net loss" is defined in the Excess Policies to "exclude[] all loss adjustment expenses....
We further concluded factual disputes precluded summary judgment on the issue of whether Great West had a duty to indemnify Penske.
COTABATO CITY - Philippine embassy and Saudi government officials have agreed to indemnify Filipino pilgrims who lost more than P500,000 when their hotel rooms were burglarized while they were performing hajj last month.