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a friend in need is a friend indeed

A true friend offers help when one needs it most. After I got out of the hospital, Sally checked up on me every day. Her kindness has really shown me that a friend in need is a friend indeed.
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friend in need is a friend indeed

A true friend is a person who will help you when you really need help. When Bill helped me with geometry, I really learned the meaning of "A friend in need is a friend indeed."
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Yes indeed(y do)!

Inf. Definitely yes! Tom: Will you marry me? Jane: Yes indeedy do, I will! Charlie: Did your horse win the race? Bill: Yes indeedy!
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Some, indeed, there were, who thought to show the soundness of their judg- ment by affirming that all the beauty and dignity of the natural world existed only in the poet's fancy.
Before the end of Elizabeth's reign, indeed, there had been a perceptible change; as the queen grew old and morose the national life seemed also to lose its youth and freshness.
He held, indeed, that in the drama, even in comedy, the function of teaching was as important as that of giving pleasure.
In his tragedies, 'Sejanus' and 'Catiline,' he excluded comic material; for the most part he kept scenes of death and violence off the stage; and he very carefully and slowly constructed plays which have nothing, indeed, of the poetic greatness of Sophocles or Euripides (rather a Jonsonese broad solidity) but which move steadily to their climaxes and then on to the catastrophes in the compact classical manner.
Then he cajoled with his brother, and persuaded him what service he had done him, and how he had brought his mother to consent, which, though true, was not indeed done to serve him, but to serve himself; but thus diligently did he cheat him, and had the thanks of a faithful friend for shifting off his whore into his brother's arms for a wife.
Indeed, I had preserved the elder brother's bonds to me, to pay #500, which he offered me for my consent to marry his brother; and this, with what I had saved of the money he formerly gave me, about as much more by my husband, left me a widow with about #1200 in my pocket.
My two children were, indeed, taken happily off my hands by my husband's father and mother, and that, by the way, was all they got by Mrs.
Its width is so contracted at one point, indeed, that they are obliged to warp round by means of a rope.
There need be baths somewhere in the neighbourhood, for the other washing arrangements were on as limited a scale as I ever saw, even in America: indeed, these bedrooms were so very bare of even such common luxuries as chairs, that I should say they were not provided with enough of anything, but that I bethink myself of our having been most bountifully bitten all night.
The beauty and freshness of this calm retreat, in the very dawn and greenness of summer - it was then the beginning of June - were exquisite indeed.
Indeed the trees stood so thick and so close, and grew so fast woven one into another, that nothing but cutting them down first could discover the place, except the only two narrow entrances where they went in and out could be found, which was not very easy; one of them was close down at the water's edge, on the side of the creek, and it was afterwards above two hundred yards to the place; and the other was up a ladder at twice, as I have already described it; and they had also a large wood, thickly planted, on the top of the hill, containing above an acre, which grew apace, and concealed the place from all discovery there, with only one narrow place between two trees, not easily to be discovered, to enter on that side.
I am very glad, Sir,' said Mr Brass, 'very glad indeed.
My time must be fully occupied indeed, sir, not to leave me time to walk with you.
I fancy indeed that you are a man of very good breeding, or at least know how on occasion to behave like one.
But as for these clubs, Dussauts, parades, or progress, indeed, maybe --well, all that can go on without me," he went on, again without noticing the question.