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incumbent (up)on (someone)

Imposed or expected as an obligation, duty, or requirement on someone. As the wealthier citizens of the country, it's my firm belief that it is incumbent upon us to contribute toward the welfare of those who are less fortunate. He felt it was incumbent on him to take over the responsibilities of his father's business.
See also: incumbent

incumbent (upon someone) to do (something)

obligatory for someone to do something. It is incumbent upon me to inform you that you are up for review. It was incumbent on Mary to mail her application before June 1st.
See also: incumbent

incumbent on

Also, incumbent upon. Imposed as an obligation or duty on, obligatory for. For example, He felt it was incumbent on us all to help the homeless. [Mid-1500s]
See also: incumbent, on
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In the Second Circuit, incumbent Democrat William N.
Incumbent Democrat Arnie Roblan was leading challenger R.
Phil Angelides, Democratic candidate for governor of California, has said he would sign a same-sex marriage bill vetoed last year by incumbent Arnold Schwarzenegger.
A fairer way to gauge the eagerness of the president's base to rally behind him is to compare this GOP primary to the last one that featured an incumbent running for reelection with no real primary opposition: Bill Clinton in 1996.
Petition challenges were filed against 142 of those candidates, including five incumbents.
In the airline industry, the aggressive pricing may trigger an aggressive response from incumbent carriers.
The model specification in many of the earliest studies focuses on partisan differences and restricts the marginal effects of challenger spending and incumbent spending to be identical.
So we proceed from the hypothesis that challengers enter the race when they perceive a gap between the position of the incumbent and that of the median voter and assume this position as their platform.
In the race for Board of Health, incumbent Gary Menin is facing a challenge from newcomer Sue Valentine for a three-year seat.
In several of the seats, the incumbent lawyer/legislators either are unopposed in November or face only minor party or write-in candidates.
For somebody who's been an incumbent who was actually elected and not appointed, it's actually pretty rare to see a contested race," he said.
A voluminous empirical literature describes the patterns of incumbent and challenger fundraising and their effects on electoral outcomes.