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incumbent (up)on (someone)

Imposed or expected as an obligation, duty, or requirement on someone. As the wealthier citizens of the country, it's my firm belief that it is incumbent upon us to contribute toward the welfare of those who are less fortunate. He felt it was incumbent on him to take over the responsibilities of his father's business.
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incumbent (upon someone) to do (something)

obligatory for someone to do something. It is incumbent upon me to inform you that you are up for review. It was incumbent on Mary to mail her application before June 1st.
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incumbent on

Also, incumbent upon. Imposed as an obligation or duty on, obligatory for. For example, He felt it was incumbent on us all to help the homeless. [Mid-1500s]
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Asked how they would solve the problem, Sotto said they would explain to neophyte senators the equity of the incumbent rule being observed in the Senate.
will replace his brother, incumbent Zamboanga del Norte first district Rep.
Calaunan, incumbent vice governor; Cabarroguis-Willard Abuan, incumbent SP member; Saguday- Marcelina Pagbilao-re-electionist; Aglipay- Jerry Agsalda, acting mayor; Maddela-Florante Ruiz, incumbent vice mayor and Nagtipunan-Nieverose Meneses, re-electionist.
Incumbent Alexandria Avila was third among seven candidates with 593 votes.
Because the provision of the Incumbent Protection Act which protects congressional incumbentsthe fourth sentenceimposes a "severe" burden on the associational rights of Virginia's political parties, the commonwealth must show that it is "narrowly tailored to serve a compelling state interest." It cannot make this showing.
In the 2013 NC elections, seven incumbent candidates were elected from a total of 15 incumbent candidates who re-contested.
Republican voters, whose party has controlled both houses of Congress since 2015, are more likely than Democrats or independents to support the re-election of incumbents, both their own member and most members.
"Incumbents have become smarter about leveraging valuable data, honing their employees' skills, and in some cases, acquired possible disruptors to compete in today's digital age," the study finds.
Theorizing about how incumbent and successor personality congruence, with emphasis on the proactive personality trait, can explain the effectiveness of role transitions both during and following the transfer of intra-family leadership.
Chances are good that there will be at least 11 Democrats and at least 24 Republicans in the final bunch, with that last seat going to either incumbent Will Hurd, R-San Antonio, or the incumbent he beat two years ago, Pete Gallego, D-Alpine.
Incumbent: Mike Pence (R); running for vice president of the United States
I say this based upon my thesis, explored in my latest book (Where They Stand: The American Presidents in the Eyes of Voters and Historians), that presidential elections are largely referendums on the incumbent or incumbent party.
* In the Fourth Circuit, incumbent Republican Angela Corey is facing a primary challenge from Melissa Nelson and Wes White.
The exit polls of Alpha Research polling agency suggest that the cities of Varna, Kardzhali and Blagoevgrad have reelected their incumbent mayors at the local elections held in Bulgaria on Sunday.
They are: Tracy O'Connell Novick (incumbent), John F.