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inculcate someone with something

to touch or impress someone with some specific knowledge. The teacher sought to inculcate the students with the knowledge they needed. Her parents inculcated her with good manners.
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inculcate something in (to) someone

to instill specific knowledge into someone; to teach something to someone so that it will be remembered. They inculcated good manners into their children all their lives. We tried to inculcate good morals into our students.
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The new city in Liwa will include 8 schools for the different level of education, an integrated health centre, two Jamea, 11 mosques with public halls and Quran inculcation schools.
While General Dempsey is calling for critical thinking, CAC is calling for inculcation.
The inculcation of the right type of values and attitudes of the individual and the Nigerian society;
Summary: Jeddah, Shawwal 18, 1431/Sept 27, 2010, SPA -- Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of the Interior patronized here on Sunday evening the inauguration ceremony of the first scientific symposium of the Chair of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal for Inculcation of Saudi.
Meilinger establishes that the inculcation of the values of the Point, choice assignments in the shadow of senior airmen, attache duty, combat command, and the leadership of large administrative and personnel organizations during World War II provided the basis for Harmon's ability to bring the Academy into being despite huge bureaucratic hurdles and the ravages of cancer.
Rather, especially with diffusion of similar practices and the inculcation of similar norms around the globe (a process described especially in Chapters 7, 11, and 12), it is enduringly embedded in current understandings of international law, of state sovereignty, of bureaucratization, and of the overarching logic of expert regulation.
David Cameron's 'big society' project may contribute to the inculcation of more socially-oriented values, but much more will need to be done to challenge the out-of-control consumerist ethos.
The inculcation of human rights standards, coupled with the threat of accountability, seemed to have had some effect on police behavior.
The authors give numerous examples of successful attempts at the inculcation of this vision along with arguments for the possibility of success and also articulation of problems and tensions associated with their views.
The storyboard should include the particulars of the master plan, including installation, implementation and inculcation of ERM culture within the organization.
A narrow exception was made for religious organizations that teach that contraception or voluntary sterilization is sinful, but only if they employ primarily or exclusively members of their own faith, exist primarily for the inculcation of religious values, and provide their services primarily to members of their own faith.
Oregon, for instance, exempts "religious employers" whose purpose is "the inculcation of religious values.
Nevertheless, Norcia's close reading of a wide range of geographic primers provides an entertaining and fresh perspective on the pedagogical inculcation of the political and cultural meta-narratives of the nineteenth-century.
Morellet and his generation--Carlos Cruz-Diez, Brion Gysin, and Otto Piene, to name a few--contested the notion that lived experience had been replaced by seamless spectacle: They conceived of the sensorium as a space in which totalizing inculcation might be undermined.