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inculcate (someone) with (something)

To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. She really needs to inculcate her kids with a sense of respect for others, sheesh.
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inculcate (something) in(to) (someone)

To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. I really tried to inculcate these physics equations into my students, but judging by their grades on the test, we need to revisit them. She really needs to inculcate a sense of respect for others into her kids, sheesh.
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inculcate someone with something

to touch or impress someone with some specific knowledge. The teacher sought to inculcate the students with the knowledge they needed. Her parents inculcated her with good manners.
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inculcate something in (to) someone

to instill specific knowledge into someone; to teach something to someone so that it will be remembered. They inculcated good manners into their children all their lives. We tried to inculcate good morals into our students.
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hierarchy, points out that the proposed exemption would only apply to a nonprofit employer that has "the inculcation of religious values as its purpose," that primarily employs fellow believers, and that primarily serves people "who share its religious tenets."
and the inculcation of spiritual truth and knowledge of God as revealed in Jesus Christ,
So it becomes imperative to focus on the primary prevention of obesity and inculcation of healthy diet and lifestyle practices, with a view to prevent diabetes and other related diseases.
Taibah Rector Mansour bin Muhammad Al-Nuzha said the conference aims to achieve a number of objectives, including the promotion of moderation as a scientific and practical tool among the Arab youth, the explanation of correct Islamic beliefs, thought and conduct, the suggestion of practical programs to promote moderation among youths, addressing the causes driving Arab youths away from moderation and the inculcation of this ideology among university students.
Perhaps a generational inculcation early on in adages like "cleanliness is next to Godliness," along with the time, financial resources and greater ability to keep a neat house (no youngsters underfoot), plays a role in this markedly higher consumption pattern, although some older bustling families also show a preference for such products, most likely because of the high bathroom traffic in their households.
Summary: Jeddah, Shawwal 18, 1431/Sept 27, 2010, SPA -- Prince Naif Ibn Abdulaziz Al Saud, Second Deputy Premier and Minister of the Interior patronized here on Sunday evening the inauguration ceremony of the first scientific symposium of the Chair of Prince Khalid Al-Faisal for Inculcation of Saudi...
Renu Shorey, Principal, Manthan International School "Our main objective is to provide our students not only 'education for a career', but also 'education for life' by focusing on the inculcation of human and moral values through the curriculum.
For example, Payne suggests that poor people have easy access to guns; inculcation of such expectations might lead professionals to express fear when working with poor families.
"It is obvious that Ostlund's role was of high importance and closely linked to the mission of the school--the inculcation of a Christ-centered concept of life," Gableman wrote.
<p>AaAa The official recalled that the INDH is based notably on participation, inclusion, the irreversible inculcation of the culture of transparency and responsibility, in addition to reinforcing the sense of citizenship.
In conclusion, generic skills inculcation on juveniles through TVE in Juvenile School is at an average level.
Under the influence and control of militant Islamic fundamentalists, the community madrassah has been corrupted to incorporate the inculcation of violence against non-Islamic targets, as well as those elements of the Islamic community whom militant fundamentalism have declared to be heretical and illegitimate.
An agenda which frowns upon correctly spoken English, fact-based learning and knowledge, and instead replaces it with the inculcation of vague, waffly, politically correct opinions (based on nothing more than dogma and bigotry), has led us to an education system scarcely worthy of the name.
* Inculcation of gender studies in the curricula of general and university education in Sudan.