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inculcate someone with something

to touch or impress someone with some specific knowledge. The teacher sought to inculcate the students with the knowledge they needed. Her parents inculcated her with good manners.
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inculcate something in (to) someone

to instill specific knowledge into someone; to teach something to someone so that it will be remembered. They inculcated good manners into their children all their lives. We tried to inculcate good morals into our students.
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The President said the country today is facing the challenges of terrorism, extremism, sectarianism and target killing and there is a need to inculcate unity, brotherhood, will for sacrifice, eligious tolerance, and high qualities to face these challenges.
It also inculcates community service values among teenagers at an age they are ready to absorb and act,' said Srinivas K Naidu, the principal.
This initiative is special to me for another reason - it also inculcates the culture of sports science in the players at the young age which I believe is critical if one is to consistently deliver at one's best over a long period of time," the Daily Times quoted Akram, as saying.
Taking up captainship in team games inculcates leadership qualities.
It also inculcates resistance to standardized testing in schools, encourages trial attorneys, and is responsible for abuses of the Americans with Disabilities Act.
Young Hoon High School now allows students to select some of their summer-school teachers; and this school, like others, no longer inculcates the fierce anti-Communist attitude that was standard until a few years ago.
It inculcates sympathy for other creatures and teaches the cycle of life.
While the former image appears playful and the latter nearly mournful, Antoni's clear point is that mother inculcates culture, child ingests it, and the relationship transforms insensate brute into artist.