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inculcate someone with something

to touch or impress someone with some specific knowledge. The teacher sought to inculcate the students with the knowledge they needed. Her parents inculcated her with good manners.
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inculcate something in (to) someone

to instill specific knowledge into someone; to teach something to someone so that it will be remembered. They inculcated good manners into their children all their lives. We tried to inculcate good morals into our students.
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The values of Pancasila and mutual cooperation can only be inculcated at homes and schools and in the family environment," Jokowi stated.
My parents inculcated in us a love of reading through the good efforts of National Book Store," the President told the audience.
Jefferson and Madison succeeded in passing a resolution to "provide that none [of the principles of government] shall be inculcated which are incompatible with those on which the Constitutions of this state, and of the U.
They must clarify how sexual mores are to be inculcated in the young, who are particularly vulnerable to seduction and solicitation.
We inculcated a project management focus, accelerated our planned milestones, saved the government millions of dollars and earned record fees.
The United States has even inculcated our second-class citizenship into law.
To the contrary, he argues that such values were inculcated throughout society by community organizations like the YMCA.
She also said, "All children are atheists, and were religion not inculcated into their minds, they would remain so.
What people do to surmount dangers (presuming equal resources) depends on the character their widely varying parents, cultures, and societies have inculcated in them.
From their expulsion, they brought new liberal ideas in education which they inculcated in the educational institutions they built.
5 (ANI): Former Pakistan cricket captain Wasim Akram has said that the culture of sports science should be inculcated in modern day cricket to help fast bowlers deliver their best for a longer period of time.
In his view, the Catholic Church still suffers the effects of the Jansenist heresy, which inculcated contempt for the body.
The path to education improvement was seen to lie not in the substance of what was taught in the first eight grades, but in the higher order proficiencies that were systematically inculcated, This emphasis on early-language and "problem-solving" skills rather than on early content was a fundamental mistake.