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inculcate (someone) with (something)

To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. She really needs to inculcate her kids with a sense of respect for others, sheesh.
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inculcate (something) in(to) (someone)

To put forth effort so that someone learns or remembers something. I really tried to inculcate these physics equations into my students, but judging by their grades on the test, we need to revisit them. She really needs to inculcate a sense of respect for others into her kids, sheesh.
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inculcate someone with something

to touch or impress someone with some specific knowledge. The teacher sought to inculcate the students with the knowledge they needed. Her parents inculcated her with good manners.
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inculcate something in (to) someone

to instill specific knowledge into someone; to teach something to someone so that it will be remembered. They inculcated good manners into their children all their lives. We tried to inculcate good morals into our students.
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"We can let them understand how politics works, but not inculcate it in them." He admitted that scouting itself is a form of politics, where "competition is rampant among local councils who get the most number of members and eventually influence those who make decisions.
He disclosed that the government is passionate about providing quality universal and holistic education to all the children of school going age, which, he said, cannot be achieved if we do not inculcate the reading culture into the up and coming generation.
Imphal (Manipur) [India], Mar 16 ( ANI ): Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday stressed on the necessity to inculcate a scientific temper among the youth.
Abu Dhabi: A statue of Mahatma Gandhi, India's Father of the Nation, newly installed at a community centre in the capital will help inculcate the great leader's values in youngsters, a top Indian diplomat said.
Los Angeles: Bollywood star Priyanka Chopra thanked her mother Madhu Chopra for raising her to believe in herself and urged people to do their best to "inculcate sense of confidence" in girls.
The theme was chosen for two reasons - one, to spread awareness and two, to inculcate the thought process in young minds from an early age.
" We need to inculcate the basic values of our culture in our youth.
WWF-Pakistan's Eco Internship Programme is an annual activity that aims to enable students to generate an insight into the eco-dynamics and challenges of the ecosystem, broaden students' scope as a responsible custodian of valuable natural resources, inculcate a sense of civic responsibility in students and give them the opportunity to become an official Ambassador of WWF-Pakistan and solicit support of individual members.
Glow has sponsored this event to promote youth talent and to inculcate their interest in games.
In its endeavour to inculcate the spirit of sportsmanship in children and young adults, the Dubai Sports Council is organising the Sports zone at Modhesh Fun CityeIUs East Hall.
Having Bible classes that inculcate religion, however, is a no-no.
Gasparri informed the AJC that the Pope "considers all men his brethren" and: "he will not cease to inculcate the observance among 'individuals, as among nations, the principles of natural right and to reprove every violation of them.
How many times have I repeated this beautiful poem by William Blake to my students, trying to inculcate them with how much of the ineffable the best architecture has.
If, indeed, an effective teacher is "the most important factor in producing consistently high levels of student achievement (Alliance for Excellent Education, 2004; Fullan, 1999; Hanushek, Kain, & Rivkin, 2001), it is incumbent upon those in the profession to explore ways to strengthen the existing practices in schools designed to inculcate new teachers into effective practice and the culture of the school.