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increment something by something

to increase a sum by a supplement [of a certain figure]. Increment the numbering by ten so that 1, 2, 3 becomes 10, 20, 30. The base number was incremented by 4.
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The grant of such step increments is within the powers of its Board based on Pag-IBIG's Compensation Plan.
He mentioned that the price of a bag of flour has jumped to GHS160 currently, from GHS116 in November last year, representing a 73 percent increment in the last five months and still counting.
More recently, studies have also shown that stylet weight is an effective proxy of octopus age and, thus, a cost- and time-effective alternative to daily increment enumeration (Rodriguez-Dominguez et al.
'Any increment on fuel prices will have a direct impact and we expect prices of basic commodities to shoot up.
Our goal was to estimate the periodicity of increment formation and the time of the first increment deposition on sagittae and lapilli of known-age laboratory-reared larval northern pike (9-33 mm in standard length [SL]).
Amid the increment, the purchasing power of peso in the region declined to P0.61 from P0.64 a year ago.
General Micro Systems (, a long-time supplier to General Dynamics and a vendor-of-record for three types of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) computing systems in the WIN-T point-of-presence (PoP) and Soldier Network Extension (SNE), developed a 14-core server/switch/router networking box that would ultimately become the WIN-T Increment 2 solution.
The shift from adding a fixed 5% increment to the previous round's posted price to a 10% increment beginsWednesday (2/1), with Round 22 set to commence at 10 a.m.
We supposed that the rotation increment was [theta] and the scanning position number was N, where N[theta] = 180.
We deployed with WIN-T Increment 1b, which includes joint network nodes supporting users at the division's mission command posts and a single tactical hub node connecting the JNNs to the Department of Defense Information Network.
Its advanced explosive ordnance disposal robotic system (AEODRS) program is developing a family of three robots: increment 1, a small backpackable reconnaissance system weighing less than 35 pounds; increment 2, a two-man-portable robot weighing about 165 pounds with an arm, or arms that can help dismantle bombs; and increment 3, a robust 750-pound robot that can pick up heavy unexploded ordnance.
Tax increment financing reserves any increase in property tax revenues within a district to pay for improvements within that district.
In a surprise move, the Delhi government is planning to stop annual increment of principals of around 100 government schools for two years for not keeping their institution premises clean.
EIGHTY-NINE per cent of employees in ministries and government entities have benefited from the annual increment.
Fiona Wachuka said,"I hope that in 2015 we get a salary increment. Some of us have been working for several years and we have been loyal to our company but we have never got an increment.