increase by

increase (something) by (something)

To expand something to a certain extent. Our aggressive new marketing campaign has increased our small company by 25 percent in the past year. What was once a tiny local choir club has increased by leaps and bounds over the years, becoming one of the state's largest organized choir communities.
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increase something by something

to enlarge something by an amount or degree. They increased the size of the house by two hundred square feet. The engine size on the new model has been increased by a small amount.
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The supply of food, on an average, remains constant, yet the tendency in every animal to increase by propagation is geometrical; and its surprising effects have nowhere been more astonishingly shown, than in the case of the European animals run wild during the last few centuries in America.
Tire shipments for 2006 are expected to increase by just over 1% compared to 2005, with increases in the replacement tire market offsetting decreases in the OE markets, the Rubber Manufacturers Association said.
Members of Congress did give themselves the right to reject this PBGC increase by a simple up-or-down vote.
For an owner of a Manhattan apartment, Spinola stated that the property tax increase by as much as $3,500 a year, and an owner of a single-family single-family home valued at $300,000 would pay $716 more a year in property taxes.
Under the new law, the limit jumped to $7,000 in 2002 and will increase by $1,000 a year until 2005 when it tops out at $10,000.
* Education (high school and college-level educators); the number is expected to increase by 36%, due, in part, to retiring educators and a growing student population.
* Data size or "size up." It means that if your database size increases by a factor of x, given a constant hardware configuration, then your query response time will increase by no more than a factor of x.
Air travel has increased by [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] year in the last 20 years and is predicted to increase by [is greater than] 5% a year during the [ILLEGIBLE TEXT] years (6).
And while next year's increase falls slightly below the 7.3 percent gain forecast for 1999, those specializing in systems integration will see the sharpest rise in base compensation, with starting salaries projected to increase by more than 17 percent over this year.
Carbon storage could increase by 300 million to 600 million tons a year when all the opportunities described above are considered.
Funding for the Superconducting Super Collider (SSC), which supporters say will further unlock the structure of matter, would increase by $125 million, or 21.1 percent.
The number of listings is expected to increase by 11 per cent.
[9] Physician fee increases and/or volume increases that cause expenditure growth rates to exceed the targeted Performance Standard Rate would lead to a mandatory reduction of the following year's physician fee increase by the same percentage amount by which the target was exceeded, barring specific congressional action.
Tire shipments for 2005 are expected to increase by more than 2% compared to 2004 due to continued steady economic growth in the consumer and commercial sectors.