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increase by leaps and bounds

Fig. to increase or grow by large increments. (See also gain by leaps and bounds.) The price of our stock is increasing by leaps and bounds.
See also: and, bound, increase, leap

increase in something

to grow or expand in some quality. He increased in stature and wisdom. The tree increased in size every year.
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increase something by something

to enlarge something by an amount or degree. They increased the size of the house by two hundred square feet. The engine size on the new model has been increased by a small amount.
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increase something (from something) (to something)

to enlarge something from something to something bigger; to enlarge something from one size to a larger size. We plan to increase sales from four million to six million dollars. I increased my bid to two thousand from one thousand.

on the increase

Growing, especially in frequency of occurrence, as in Violent crime is on the increase. [Mid-1700s]
See also: increase, on

on the increase

Increasing, especially in frequency of occurrence: Crime is on the increase.
See also: increase, on
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Capacity of the installed equipment stands at 40 kW increasable to 100 kW.
5 kilometres, which is increasable as farther as 16 miles with the help of the base transmitter.
Toya described her brother Jackson as the most increasable father, brother, son and the most talented performer this world had ever known.
62 RCWS is less than 150 kg with weapon and 690 rounds of ammunition, the amount of rounds being increasable to 1,150 at customer's will.
Viewing the fact that emotion intelligence and job satisfaction affect organizational commitment, organizations are recommended to employ personnel on the basis of job which require social relationship and since emotion intelligence is increasable, create educational applied environment for personnel.
The World of Opportunities' is a company with an increasable international presence.