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incorporate (someone or something) in(to) (something)

To involve or integrate someone or something in something. Will management ever officially incorporate our department into the legal team? Please incorporate Aunt Greta and her family into your plans for the surprise party, will you? I know I'll get an angry phone call from her otherwise.
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incorporate someone or something in(to) something

to build someone or something into something; to combine someone or something into something. We want to incorporate you into our sales force very soon. The prince had incorporated himself into the main governing body.
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In addition, school consultants need to incorporate culture and language within the process and content of consultation.
Any movement that incorporates the large muscles of the arms, legs and whole body can have a positive effect on a student's steady beat performance.
The section "Consolidated Capital--Examiner's Guidelines for Assessing the Capital Adequacy of BHCs" and the section "Consolidated Capital--Leverage Measure" were revised to incorporate the February 28, 2005 (published March 10, 2005), revision of the definition of tier 1 capital under the Board's risk-based and leverage capital rules for BHCs.
* Security--Did the final design incorporate measures through design or technology to insure the personal security of the residents;
So, the Scripps researchers engineered a new polymerase enzyme to recognize 3FB, latch on to it, and incorporate it appropriately into a replicating strand of DNA.
The regulation strategy incorporates a political decision to protect the most vulnerable, rather than just the average person, says Hwang.
During your game-situational practice, make sure to incorporate common situations such as the score is tied, red is shooting the bonus, and only seconds left on the clock, etc.
The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) standard 610-1990 does incorporate user needs: it defines software quality as the degree to which a system, component, or process meets specified requirements and meets customer or user needs and expectations (Schmidt, 2000).
DOD's revised policies and guidance largely incorporate 10 best practices for acquiring any type of information technology (IT) business system.
Currently, there is a huge trend toward hand-held snacks and eating on the move, and many of these products incorporate soy protein."
SDLT and LTO Ultrium 2 media both incorporate new cartridge shells designed to withstand high-volume use in robotic libraries.
The first step is deciding the state in which you want to incorporate. Delaware is the most common state.
First recognized by the medical and scientific community during the 1990s, integrative medicine today is attracting interest from medical practitioners, administrators, academicians and scientists seeking to incorporate it into their research, practice and teaching.
Many of these drawings were subsequently printed, providing later generations with a wide range of choices of architectural features to incorporate into their own projects.