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include someone in (something)

to invite someone to participate in something. Let's include Terri in the planning session. Without asking, Henry included himself in the group going on a picnic.
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include someone or something among something

to count someone or something as a member of a group or collection. I am happy to include you among my friends. Do you include chocolate among your favorite flavors?
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include someone out (of something)

Fig. to exclude someone from something. (Jocular.) I am not interested in your games. Include me out of them. Include me out too.
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throw something into the bargain

 and include something in the bargain; throw something in
to include something extra in a deal. To encourage me to buy a new car, the car dealer threw a free radio into the bargain. If you purchase three pounds of chocolates, I'll throw one pound of salted nuts into the bargain. She threw in a free calendar.
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Include me out

I want no part of it. Movie producer Samuel Goldwyn had as many malapropisms and other odd quotations attributed to him as Yogi Berra has, including “That oral contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on” and “Anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.” One that caught on above and beyond the entertainment business was Goldwyn's “include me out” for any situation of which someone didn't want to be a part.
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The IRS argued that the "amount included in the employee's gross income" means the amount actually included on the return, while the employer argued it meant the amount included in gross income as a matter of law.
The Federal Circuit concluded that the employer was entitled to a deduction based on the amount legally required to be included in the employee's gross income, without regard to the amount actually included on the employee's return for purposes of calculating his tax liability.
Moreover, the withholding requirement prevented the employer from having to demonstrate that the employee actually included the amount in income.
Venture Funding allows service recipients a deduction for property transferred as compensation to service providers only if the property is included in the service provider's gross income or if the service recipient satisfies Regs.
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