include in

include (one) in (something)

To involve or incorporate one in something. My big brother never includes me in anything he does with his friends. Please include Aunt Greta in the dinner reservations.
See also: include

include someone in (something)

to invite someone to participate in something. Let's include Terri in the planning session. Without asking, Henry included himself in the group going on a picnic.
See also: include
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The Homeland Security Act of 2002 was prompted by the June 6, 2002, proposal made by President Bush to create a new homeland security department that would include INS under its border and transportation security division.
1977--The Office of Drug Abuse Policy report recommended a single agency, to include INS and the Customs Service, to perform port-of-entry inspections and border patrol.
Workshop topics include INS requirements for small businesses, state labor laws, home-based businesses, bad check enforcement and how to start and run a small business.