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include (one) in (something)

To involve or incorporate one in something. My big brother never includes me in anything he does with his friends. Please include Aunt Greta in the dinner reservations.
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include (someone or something) among (something)

To consider someone or something as part of a particular group or category. Yeah, I see Peg sometimes, but it's not like I include her among my close friends or anything. He loves the Stones, so of course he includes "Exile on Main St." among his favorite albums.
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include (something) in the bargain

To add something to a deal or offer, in addition to everything else or to what was already stated or expected. I know they're willing to include extra vacation days in the bargain, but what I really need is a higher salary.
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include me out

I do not wish to be involved in something. This humorous phrase is attributed to 20th-century movie produce Samuel Goldwyn. Dinner with the in-laws? Yeah, include me out.
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include someone in (something)

to invite someone to participate in something. Let's include Terri in the planning session. Without asking, Henry included himself in the group going on a picnic.
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include someone or something among something

to count someone or something as a member of a group or collection. I am happy to include you among my friends. Do you include chocolate among your favorite flavors?
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include someone out (of something)

Fig. to exclude someone from something. (Jocular.) I am not interested in your games. Include me out of them. Include me out too.
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throw something into the bargain

 and include something in the bargain; throw something in
to include something extra in a deal. To encourage me to buy a new car, the car dealer threw a free radio into the bargain. If you purchase three pounds of chocolates, I'll throw one pound of salted nuts into the bargain. She threw in a free calendar.
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Include me out

I want no part of it. Movie producer Samuel Goldwyn had as many malapropisms and other odd quotations attributed to him as Yogi Berra has, including “That oral contract isn't worth the paper it's printed on” and “Anybody who goes to a psychiatrist ought to have his head examined.” One that caught on above and beyond the entertainment business was Goldwyn's “include me out” for any situation of which someone didn't want to be a part.
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