incline toward

incline toward (someone or something)

1. To physically lean or tilt toward someone or something. The way those branches are inclining toward our house is really starting to worry me.
2. By extension, to feel or show a preference for someone or something. I haven't been feeling well all week, so I'm inclined toward staying in this weekend. Honestly, I'm inclined toward Sharon—I just think she'd make a better mayor.
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incline toward someone or something

1. to lean or slant toward someone or something. The piece of scenery inclined toward Roger very slowly and he jumped out of the way just in time. The tree inclined toward the direction of the wind.
2. to favor or "lean" toward choosing someone or something. I don't know which to choose. I incline toward Terri but I also favor Amy. I am inclining toward chocolate.
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Here it seems that the loss of one's own potential life is a far greater loss than the gains on the other side, so that a disembodied view of the subject would incline toward the protection of a fetus against the aggression of its mother, even if one does not think that the fetus is a person at the time of an abortion.
Although Komunyakaa's poems incline toward non-referentiality, they are not characterized by the non-figurativeness nonreferential poetry reputedly strives for.
After 1689, the English Tories continued to incline toward the Stuarts, but, after George III came to the throne, their policy became one of upholding the established church and state and of opposing liberalism.
The category of beauty in art - and those other wonderful concepts that somehow incline toward "purity" and "perfection," everything crystalline, sublime, perfectly functioning - never revealed themselves in Roth's work as an ideal or ideologically given goal, but rather only as a categorical, virile desire - indeed, as painful cravings.
A large number of youngsters are expected to incline towards sports activities as a result of modern sports facilities being established throughout the province," Nadeem Sarwar added.
Other cultures grab our attention easily, though, and we tend to incline towards them.
The Holy Qur'an says: If the enemies incline towards peace, do you also incline towards peace.
Greene told Reuters that she would rather incline towards a flotation than a sale and believes that the governmenta[euro](tm)s preference is the same.
London, August 12 (ANI): If reports are to be believed, people have once again started to incline towards old-style sweets like pear drops and rhubarb and custard.
I like both squads and incline towards paying the extra to have Price on my side.