incline away

incline away (from someone or something)

to lean or slope away from someone or something. I inclined away from her to avoid her alcohol breath. The land inclined away from the house.
See also: away, incline
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Turn left and walk up the slight incline away from the garden centre entrance for about 23 metres until you see a footpath sign, this time on the other side of the road.
Crossmaglen is notorious as a 'defender's pitch' and with a gradual incline away from the town the scores are heavily weighted towards one end.
If you want to walk for longer you can follow a one-mile circular route up a gentle incline away from the river.
Ms Tugwell told Cardiff Coroner's Court yesterday she was nervous of cows and walked with Poppy on a lead up an incline away from them, but Ms Hinchey was an animal lover and showed no fear of them.