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incite (someone) (to something)

To provoke or otherwise prompt someone to do something Trying to disperse this crowd by force might very well incite them to riot.
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incite someone

to something to excite or provoke someone to something. The radicals tried to incite the students to violence. The students were incited to violent behavior by the lecturer.
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Summary: Moga (Punjab) [India], May 16 (ANI): Delhi chief minister and Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) national convenor Arvind Kejriwal on Thursday alleged that BJP president Amit Shah incited violence in West Bengal during the Lok Sabha polls.
He said Rainsy had incited the army to go against its leadership and the government, and he had also demoralised the army.
The petitioner took the plea that PM Imran Khan took measures against the country's sovereignty and he incited people for civil disobedience movement during the tenure of former PM Nawaz Sharif.
Trillanes had argued in his counter-affidavit that the complaint against him should be junked as the complainants failed to show how he "incited the people to rise publicly or tumultuously" for sedition.
The eight Indian workers - three blacksmiths, three carpenters and two labourers - were said to have incited hundreds of workers to go on a strike, started deliberate fires to different properties and wrecked cars, offices, machinery and electronics at the accommodation in Jebel Ali in January.
Manama: Bahrain's foreign ministry said that the court's ruling in the case of Ali Salman, the secretary-general of Al Wefaq Society, was based on charges related to speeches that incited violence and hatred, it was not in any way politically motivated.
The source said that during the two-hour session, Assir denied that he funded terrorist attacks or that he incited violence with the aim of undermining the state's authority and targeting the Lebanese Army.
They also said they have incited youth to join Deash and posted comments glorifying terrorist attacks committed in Tunisia.
The charge states that between March 15 and March 26, 2015, he "incited a person to commit an act of terrorism wholly or partly outside the UK, namely the murder of police officers during an attack on a parade to commemorate Anzac Day in Australia".
Evidence underpinning the charges also included public statements delivered by the defendant that incited violence and encouraged the use of force against the Kingdomآ's authorities, referring to such acts as a religious duty.
Between March 15 and 26 he is said to have incited another person to commit an act of terrorism, "namely to carry out an attack at an Anzac parade in Australia with the aim of killing and/or causing serious injury to people".
"It strains credulity to believe that New Yorkers would be incited to violence by ads that did not incite residents of Chicago and San Francisco," he said.
After all, he personally incited the chatter at that very moment.
He added that recordings of the defendant's public speeches and sermons incited violence and encouraged the use of force against the Kingdom's authorities, in addition to inciting non-compliance with the law.