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incite someone

to something to excite or provoke someone to something. The radicals tried to incite the students to violence. The students were incited to violent behavior by the lecturer.
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The driver and the loaders were bundled into a Kitui county vehicle and Ngilu incited youths and officials from the county to burn the lorry,' court papers say.
had masterminded the riot and incited others to demonstrate illegally.
It is also alleged that on March 18 he incited another person to behead a member of the public in Australia.
Tyler and members of the Odd Future collective were denied a visa to travel to New Zealand in February after officials there said they were a potential ''public threat'' because of past troubles, ''including incidents at past performances in which they have incited violence.
He is believed to have incited prostitution by posting, next to the cross-dressed man's picture, poems with obscene content.
of Edinburgh) begins by examining how different media are used to contribute to the creation of communicative environments where violence can be incited.
Phagpa was said to have incited Drolma Je, a monk at the Dowa Monastery in Tongren County in Huangnan, to self-immolate for "freedom and independence of the Tibetan ethnic group.
He was found to have incited Drolma Je, a monk at the Dowa Monastery of Tongren County, Huangnan prefecture, to self-immolate for "freedom and independence of the Tibetan ethnic group.
They forget that mere cartoons deemed offensive by Muslims incited Muslim extremists to burn Danish embassies and make serious attempts to kill the cartoonists.
Historically, Passion plays, with their emphasis on Jewish culpability in Jesus' death, have often incited violence against Jews, particularly in Europe.
Ragip Zarakola was charged by the Turkish government after publishing a book called 'The Regime of 12 September Under Trial', which officials said incited class, religion and sectarian hatred.
Downes said: "Tommy has been booked for inciting the crowd, but that's what they come to games for - to be incited and excited.
The Preeminent Producer of Live and On-Demand Webcasts for Award Shows, Concerts, Sports and Event Television, Incited Media Is Integrated into AEG's Production Business to Facilitate Digital Broadcasting via TV, Internet and Mobile Devices
NCIC chairman Francis ole Kaparo has summoned Kitui Governor Charity Ngilu on allegations she incited youths to burn lorries transporting charcoal in the county.
Summary: Suspects allegedly incited hundreds of workers to demonstrate illegally after company banned alcohol on premises