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incite someone

to something to excite or provoke someone to something. The radicals tried to incite the students to violence. The students were incited to violent behavior by the lecturer.
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MMP's proprietary technology platform, INCITE powered by QuizScore[R], ensures performance and execution of company strategies -- where it counts -- with customers.
7) Taherul Alom, 32, of Normanton Terrace, Newcastle: Two counts of supplying drugs, one count of permitting premises to be used for the supply of drugs, one count of conspiracy to incite prostitution, one count of attempted sexual assault.
Incite LED Media clients are able to use OPM to expand their Digital Plant.
NM Incite, a joint venture between Nielsen and McKinsey, provides social media software, research and advisory solutions to global Fortune 1000 marketers looking to build strong, differentiated and emotionally-engaging brands.
However, it has come under threats threats incite intended comments social The statements leaflets banners fire from critics who say it will be up to individual police officers to decide at matches which chants and songs constitute offensive behaviour.
The fact is that imageries and symbolisms change opinions and incite actions.
14 -- The Nielsen Company (Nielsen) and McKinsey & Company (McKinsey) recently announced the India launch of NM Incite, a global joint venture between the two companies.
Summary: The Nielsen Company (Nielsen) and McKinsey & Company (McKinsey) today announced a global joint venture, NM Incite, created to help leading companies harness the power of social media intelligence to drive superior business performance.
Izzadeen was convicted on Wednesday for trying to raise donations to help terrorists in Iraq and Afghanistan and incite other Muslims to go abroad and take up arms as terrorists.
This will double the number of companies with INCITE awards in 2007 compared to 2006--a clear indication that U.
What will not be tolerated will be actions or words designed to harm Australian troops [or] language designed to incite action against our troops in Iraq.
IBM and Argonne have agreed to augment Argonne's INCITE computer capacity with compute cycles on IBM's Blue Gene system at IBM T.
Sizzla Kalonji is among eight artists whose material is being examined by the Crown Prosecution Service amid claims their lyrics incite violence against homosexuals.
Making it a crime to incite religious hatred could help protect minority religions from attack by right-wing groups.
A Moscow court has barred Jehovah's Witnesses from the Russian capital on grounds that their religious beliefs are harmful to families and incite hatred.