inch along

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inch (oneself) along (something)

To move across something in very small increments or very gradually. We all watched in awe as the man carefully inched himself along the tightrope.
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inch along

To proceed or move along in very small increments or very gradually. Ugh, there was a terrible traffic jam—we inched along the highway for miles. I got stuck inching along behind the trash truck for a few blocks.
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inch along (something)

to move slowly along something little by little. The cat inched along the carpet toward the mouse. Traffic was inching along.
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inch along

see under by inches.
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With all those buses, cars, and utility vehicles inching along the highway most of the 24 hours of the day, EDSA has become a highly polluted place, all the vehicles continuously emitting carbon dioxide, sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, and other particles and gasses.
WOULD I take my family inching along the side of the cliff known as the appropriately named Giddy Edge?
Imagine inching along on a congested road, feeling like you need eight pairs of eyes to avoid unpredictable pedestrians, cyclists that silently sneak up and motorbikes that zip in, out and between lanes.
I was no longer inching along in search of a faster lane, so technically there was nothing to be bothered about after 9 a.m.
As for building the new, improved Stoby's, "we're inching along, making slow progress," Stobaugh said.
Crawling around tents, interacting with fellow climbers, nervously inching along precariously narrow ledges, gingerly peering over rocky outcrops at 8,000m drops, and planting a flag at the summit while witnessing a glorious sunset--all in all, quite the experience (you can read a fuller account of my virtual adventure over on our website).
It is the art world's most carnivalesque gesture, clogging the city with exhausted dealers, over-lubricated journalists, and--the fair's most exciting fixture--incognito pop culture icons, all inching along in an endless three-day traffic jam that levels any previous distinctions of class and wealth.
Pedestrian way traffic which inching along took place till next hours.
In contrast, Mr Haig, said commuters here are forced to choose between packed Valley Lines trains or inching along the A470 in rush hour.
But the house sale is still inching along at snail's pace.
$11 Billion Later, High-Speed Rail Is Inching Along, The New York Times
Whilst inching along, I reflected on the stupidity of Parliament in approving HS2 when for a fraction of the cost, dozens of long closed suburban lines could be reopened, taking away traffic from the highways, and reducing our carbon output.
Haemopis can crawl out of the water, and has been found inching along more than 1/4 mile from any standing water.