inch along

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inch (oneself) along (something)

To move across something in very small increments or very gradually. We all watched in awe as the man carefully inched himself along the tightrope.
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inch along

To proceed or move along in very small increments or very gradually. Ugh, there was a terrible traffic jam—we inched along the highway for miles. I got stuck inching along behind the trash truck for a few blocks.
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inch along (something)

to move slowly along something little by little. The cat inched along the carpet toward the mouse. Traffic was inching along.
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inch along

see under by inches.
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At the bottom of the product stack is supposed to be a device with a liquid crystal display (LCD) that measures ( 6.1 inches along the diagonal.
But if you're looking to drop a few inches along your waistline, skip the refined sugars and simple starches.
The bus leaves and literally inches along on the nearly impassable street.
We used a copper coil on the 2" carbon steel pipe and had to wrap it about 10 inches along the pipe length, wound tight.
The full container of 40 inches along with auto spare parts was sold out in Rs.1.7 million.
Antarctica is considered a desert, with annual precipitation of only 8 inches along the coast and far less inland.
Dress the bed every March with a general fertilizer like Growmore and mound up the soil a few inches along each row.
In an alert issued by both the NWS and the New York City Office of Emergency Management have warned of dangerously cold temperatures with snow accumulations prediction of 3 to 5 inches along with a tenth of an inch of ice to cover different areas of the city.
Imagine the torpor of finding yourself sitting at home watching The X Factor for the fourth Saturday night in a row, multiply it by the malaise that inches along your arteries like polonium poisoning whenever the opening theme of Take Me Out strikes up, then add the abject disaffection you feel for the entire human race when accidentally happening upon re-runs of Man O Man on UK Gold.
When intact, the eggs from that site would have been about 5 inches along the long axis and 3.5 inches along the short axis.
The Olympus Leash is 36 inches along with a solid handle made of stainless steel making the leash both beautiful and extremely durable.
The report predicted a sea-level rise of up to 36 inches along California's coastline south of Cape Mendocino in the next century, and about 24 inches for the area north of the cape into Oregon and Washington.
Spacing the screws depends on how badly the floor squeaks; a screw every nine to 12 inches along, the joist might be needed.