inch along

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inch (oneself) along (something)

To move across something in very small increments or very gradually. We all watched in awe as the man carefully inched himself along the tightrope.
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inch along

To proceed or move along in very small increments or very gradually. Ugh, there was a terrible traffic jam—we inched along the highway for miles. I got stuck inching along behind the trash truck for a few blocks.
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inch along (something)

to move slowly along something little by little. The cat inched along the carpet toward the mouse. Traffic was inching along.
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inch along

see under by inches.
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As he inched along with his crutches, he told their black poodle, 'Look, Maggie!
The bridge structures will be hoisted up on self-propelled mobile transporters and inched along the highway into their new position over the interstate.
The children watched as three policemen came out of nearby garret windows and inched along slippery, snow-covered ledges to confront the man.
Keeping his hands on the hull bottom, he inched along through the murky water of the Tees, holding his breath, his precious bubbles of air disappearing into the darkness.
And on the level below, he inched along narrow ledges above windows, again without safety gear.
On a rare hot summer's day in the capital, several hundred black London taxi cabs inched along the bridge hooting their horns close to London Mayor Boris Johnson's office.
"I inched along the ledge to try to locate them, and after a time found them behind a jutting out rock trapped in a small crevice."
A floating worm will remain at basically a 45-degree angle to the bottom as the rig is inched along the bottom, or at rest.
As we inched along a county road (presumably the driver was making his rounds to homes throughout the area), I couldn't help but wonder: is a delivery truck belching exhaust fumes for eight or more hours a day really good for the environment?
For 9 months, the Mars rover Opportunity has inched along the perimeter of an 800-meter-wide crater called Victoria, while NASA scientists debated where--and whether--the robot should attempt a descent into the 70-m-deep hole.
Traffic inched along many major routes with frustrated drivers sitting in long queues as work began on extensive pot-hole repairs on the M6.
For months in jungle isolation, the case has sleepily inched along as courts inspect oil wells, scientists examine soil and water samples and lawyers argue over epidemiological data.
Traffic jams 100 miles long clogged highways leading out of Houston, stranding thousands of motorists who ran out of fuel as they inched along for hours on roads headed inland.
The giant Airbus wing is inched along the road on the first stage of its journey to Toulouse; Picture: PHIL NOBLE
TOBY CARVERY, QUINTON IT felt about 95C in the shade and the car was doing a very good impression of an oven on wheels as we inched along the Hagley Road in Birmingham, trying to make our way home.