inch along

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inch (oneself) along (something)

To move across something in very small increments or very gradually. We all watched in awe as the man carefully inched himself along the tightrope.
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inch along

To proceed or move along in very small increments or very gradually. Ugh, there was a terrible traffic jam—we inched along the highway for miles. I got stuck inching along behind the trash truck for a few blocks.
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inch along (something)

to move slowly along something little by little. The cat inched along the carpet toward the mouse. Traffic was inching along.
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inch along

see under by inches.
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Greenhill said each truss will be hoisted to driverless vehicles SPMTs, or self-propelled modular transports which will then inch along the highway to bring the bridge parts into position.
Ultimately, the rock did indeed prove to "as soft as butter" in parts, forcing the TBMs to inch along at no more than half a metre a day, carefully exploring the space.
As per usual I had to inch along our row in the semi dark with hushed apologies for anything I may have just stood on.
Vehicles inch along in their lane for an agonizingly long stretch.
You'd climb the endless stairs, inch along and have a peek off the edge, but you'd never actually leap off.
BLIZZARD: Cars inch along in Boldmere, Sutton Coldfield, while below all ie peaceful in Sutton Park.
Three days after the landing--pushed inch by inch along five fronts by Castro's much bigger Castro's force--they surrendered at Playa Giron.
Generally speaking, scientists and environmentalists are well aware of why wild West Coast salmon runs have been declining over the past century: namely pollution at almost every inch along the thousand mile river-to-sea-and-back underwater journey, overfishing in both rivers and the ocean, and man-made obstructions to fish passage.
You have to inch along, which gives you time to enjoy every stall!
Next, I removed the inside skin and paper core on the four side pieces to a depth of 1/2 inch along the edges that will accept the bottom panel, and I cut a similar ledge to a depth of 1/4 inch along the top edges to accommodate the upper panel.
On any given day in Sao Paulo, trucks snarl in traffic as the inch along towards the Congonhas Airport.
A good, sharp knife is capable of generating well over a ton of force per square inch along its fine edge.
Colorado earthlings are leaving their imprint on Mars as NASA's two exploration rovers inch along opposite sides of the planet.
'It is a story of agony, passion and triumph, of precision inch by inch along the 78th meridian,' said Sanjoy Roy, who organised the exhibition.